How to live a life of abundance

Living abundantly is more than just hoping money comes in or spending recklessly, not worrying about your future.

Here’s how to live a life of abundance.

I used to drive around and I would see somebody in a nice car or living in a nice home, and I would wonder what are they doing? What’s their job that allows them to live in that home, or drive that car? What I’ve come to understand is the only difference between the person driving the luxury brand car that’s paid in full or the beater car with payments on it is their mindset. And so instead of asking what do they do in order to afford that, what I’ve come to ask is what do they think in order to have that type of abundance? To live abundantly requires an abundance mindset. 

Living an abundant life requires an abundance mindset.

One of the best ways to develop that abundance mindset is to have gratitude. To bless the good.

We know that if we want to make more money, we put our money in a high interest bank account. It’s the same with our thinking, in order to attract more money, we must put our thoughts in a high interest place, which is gratitude, and blessing the good. The more that we’re blessing the good that’s coming into our life, we’re giving gratitude for everything that we have, we’re putting our thoughts in a high interest bearing account and we attract to us more financial abundance.

Start with gratitude.

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The second way to develop that abundant mindset to live abundantly is stop comparing. It’s so easy to scroll through our social media feeds, or to look at what other people are doing, and to feel badly about ourselves. When we’re comparing ourselves to other people, we typically feel bad about ourselves, we may feel shame or disappointment, which is low energy thinking.

To live abundantly, we move from comparison to celebration. If you see somebody going on a trip that you would love to go, celebrate! If it’s available to them, it’s available to me.

The only thing that’s in the way or the only difference is my mindset, and I have the power to shift my mindset.

So we move from comparison to celebration.

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The third way that we live abundantly is to reframe your perspective.  We have the ability to perceive the world through any lens. There’s an expression that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and in some ways that doesn’t feel fair, but it’s absolutely true. If I have an abundance mindset, a rich mindset, I will attract to me more riches. If I have a scarcity or a lack mindset I will continue to attract to me more scarcity, more lack.

Shift your perspective from blaming your conditions, your circumstances, other people, your job, your history, shifting that perspective to one that’s more empowering. That I’m in control of my money mindset, I’m in control of my abundance, and as I think from abundance, as I bless my good, as I celebrate other people, you’re empowered with that ability. That nobody can think your thoughts today but you. You’re empowered to change that money mindset. Shift your perspective from one of blame to one of empowerment. And it’s going to support you to live more abundantly, to start living a life of abundance and observing all of the unnoticed blessings that are coming into your life.

Download our free abundance tracker, it’s our gift to you to really start noticing the good that’s flowing into your life, to shift your mindset so that you can live more abundantly.

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