Living a “Pinch Me” Life is Possible!

Would you love to be living a “pinch me” life? Imagine what that would mean for you?

I think sometimes it feels like an idea that’s way out there. But what if it were possible?

I think it’s one thing to hear me share the principles, and it’s easy to think that it’s a nice idea, but you might ask, is it really possible? I have supported thousands of people from all over the world really get clear on their vision and then manifest that vision, because ultimately, we don’t just want the idea of it, we want the results.

Today, Colette Benoit joined me to share her journey and her version of a pinch me life that she’s living right now.


I went from thinking of worst case scenarios, a practical person who can't dream, to really living this "pinch me" life!

Colette and I met four and a half I think years ago. She describes her life at that time: “It was chaotic. I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t content in what I was doing. At the time, I was searching for how to get a business up and running, so I needed support there, but I think what was really happening was I was spiralling. I would allow the “what-ifs” and conditions to dictate my life. I was always expecting the worst.”

Feel that for a second. It’s not uncommon to think, “what could go wrong here?” and ask yourself, “what if it doesn’t work out?” and that was Colette’s pattern – she simply was expecting the worst.

And then her and I met through a mentorship program.

“I really didn’t want to be paired with Stacey. Looking back, I can see that the universe definitely put us together. From there, it turned more into asking ‘what would I love?’ I was starting to dream again, learning how to reframe my mindset, changing my thoughts and my words to reflect what I would love, as opposed to expecting the worst.”

Colette says that so easily right now, like it was just snapping your fingers and saying, “okay now I’m going to change my thoughts!” But when I think back to the start, Colette really dug her heels in! She said to me at the beginning, I’m practical, I’m realistic, this is who I am.

What I love about Colette is that she kept showing up. She stayed curious, and stayed in the question “what would I love?” At the beginning, she was only able to dream at a certain level. And I think that’s so important to say, is that our dreams often start with what you do know, or think is possible, right now.

But, fast forward to today.

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As result of working together, Colette doing the work, having her show up, asking questions, her thoughts changed and her results changed. Here’s her describing her life today.

“My life is incredible. Stacey and I had a conversation recently and I said, ‘I feel like I’m living in a dream! It’s like a pinch me life!’ It feels like it’s not real but it is. Time and money freedom has been my our big area to focus on. After four and a half years of this work, we now have the time and money freedom to be able to make decisions for what we would really love, and part of our dream is to travel more. I was looking at our calendar, and I have the flexibility to travel to see my parents in a week, and then we have an amazing June. Our house sold, so they take possession of our house, and then we get to go see Garth Brooks, and then we head to New York and Philadelphia and Washington DC for two weeks, and we’re back for four days and then we’re off to Vegas for a week. That’s what my dream has been, is to be able to book last minute trips, or just pick up and go, and we’re doing it!”

We all have different dreams and and visions of what time and freedom would look like, and those are Colette’s dreams! It started with her writing it down on a piece of paper. Daring to dream it, and then taking action steps, to living the real life version of it.

Colette’s husband Gary has been inside of this work as well. They have taken this journey together which has been so powerful. Colette describes the impact that this work has had on her son as well, “It has been amazing to see the growth in Aiden. Kids are always listening, so  even though he’s not working directly with Stacey, he is still picking up the tools. Aiden will even will remind us, correct or reframe our conversations we’re having with Stacey’s words! He has been able to control his anxiety. It’s been huge to watch him transform his ‘what if’s’ and going to the worst possible scenario, to now when I can’t remember the last time he had like a panic attack from dwelling on the worst possible scenario. It’s been amazing to see the confidence grow in him.  We are able to provide him with these lifelong tools. I think, if I had that at the age of 14, 15, WOW.”

So many people think if I invest in myself, it’s selfish, and somehow I’m going to be taking away from my kids or family. But the truth is, as you invest in yourself and you do your own work, that’s the greatest gift you can give your family and the people around you.

As you’re living your best life, you’re a light for what’s possible for other people.

Colette adds, “Working on yourself isn’t selfish – it has a ripple effect!”

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Finally, to be transparent, Colette is now part of the EverExpanding team! She gets to support me and you in the work that you’re doing.

One of our core values is integrity, which means to us to deliver what we promise, and to live what we teach, and Colette embodies these principles so much, which I have so much respect for.

The work shows! To go from thinking of worst case scenarios, a practical person who can’t dream, to really living this “pinch me” life. It inspires me, and I hope it inspires you too!

Thank you to Colette for sharing her story and for being an example of what’s possible when we dare to dream.

Here is to you living your pinch me life!


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