Living on the Edge

I am still smiling thinking about the energy in the room on Monday night at the Vision Workshop witnessing people light up as they gave themselves permission to dream.  Today we are exploring one of the reasons so many dreams never materialize.

Each one of us is experiencing results in our life and some of those results we are happy with and in other areas we would prefer a different result.  Change requires us to leave our comfort zone which is where most people struggle.  Just because you aren't happy with a result - maybe it's in your time freedom, with your health or relationship status - it is still comfortable and it's much easier to do what we are accustom to doing than to change, we all fall into habits and routines and sometimes ruts.  The truth is if we want a different result it will require us to do new things, to step out and live on the edge of our comfort zone. 

Eleanor Roosevelt said it brilliantly "Do one thing everyday that scares you".  This doesn't necessarily mean jumping out of an airplane or standing in a pit of snakes, but instead, it means to have a willingness to step out of your comfort zone, try new things, dare to stretch beyond your current paradigm.   Successful people get comfortable being uncomfortable for the purpose of growth.  When was the last time you were uncomfortable? 

Sometimes it feels like on the other side of making a decision or taking a step is a drop off of a steep cliff and our imagination takes us to the place of everything that could go wrong, but what if instead you imagine that on the other side is your dream-life, is more time freedom, your soul mate, waking up with purpose each morning.  What if by leaving your comfort zone you learned what you are truly capable of accomplishing?  

What could you do today that would stretch you as a step towards making your dream a reality?  

To Living on the Edge,