Managing Overwhelm in December

Fa la la la la 

‘Tis the season of lights, trees, decorations, cards, presents, parties, shopping, friends, family, celebrations, food, giving, receiving…. and it can also be one of overwhelm, time stress, financial stress and relationship stress.  Over the past few days I have had a number of people ask me how they can stay out of the overwhelm that December has traditionally caused.    So here are two strategies to do just that.   
In times of overwhelm go back to your breath - breathe in for a count of 6 and out for a count of 3 and repeat this three times.  This will calm down your nervous system and give you some space to refocus your thoughts.
Come From the End
When thinking about the holidays, come from the end in mind.
Before you go to the Christmas party, the family dinner or even out shopping imagine the day over and that it was a success.  How do you feel?  How did it go?  Imagine the conversations you had, the compliments you gave and received, the laughter and the food.  Get into a good feeling place BEFORE you go do the thing you need to do.  This will put you in a success mindset and help set the intention for a positive experience. 
What would you love this Christmas season? Create a vision for the experience you would love to have over the next few weeks and take action towards that vision. 
To a fun & peace filled holiday season,