Real Life Manifestation – Here’s Laura’s Story!

I love when I get to bring to you people to share their stories of transformation and manifestation, and today is a very special story because it’s my manifestation as well as my guest manifestation, and her story as well. So please join me in welcoming Laura Harder to the blog!

I want to share a little bit about how Laura and I met and came to be here today. In 2016, my business was starting to grow and I was dreaming up some support and assistance.

I know I get this question a lot. How do I build my team, how do I attract people into my work, to support me in the work that I’m doing in the world? For me it started with a vision of what qualities I wanted in a person, the core values, even where I wanted them physically located, and what they would do for me. I had this vision and I was dreaming this up, and at the same time, Laura was on maternity leave, near the end, and absolutely dreading going back. She had an almost one-year-old and three-year-old at home, and was looking everywhere for options, for jobs, wanting so badly to work from home and not wanting to go back to the work that she was doing.

It didn't take 20 or 30 years when she started to take action on it, it took a few months.

One of the pieces that I encourage clients on, is to remember the “how” is none of your business. You’ve got action steps to take, but the overall how is none of your business.

So, at that time, through a series of serendipitous events, Laura and I end up connecting, and that was five years ago! Laura says, “it was really interesting because I’m used to working in a corporate culture, in an office, with a huge team, and to work one-on-one with you that was really out of my comfort zone. We gave it a shot, and I loved everything that you were sending my way. As we started working together, I started to realize, well these tasks, it’s really a Virtual Assistant. This job I didn’t even know existed, and what was beautiful about it was I could do the work flexibly in my own time, like when the kids were napping, because they were little, and I could do it after they went to bed, and that was beautiful!”

So all of a sudden you recognize, okay wait a second, there is a way that I can work from home, do work that you’re actually enjoying, while the kids are napping you’re able to work, and so then you start to see other opportunities. Remember this, we don’t know the whole plan. But as we say yes, and as we decide for something, we take the step we can. All of a sudden all sorts of doors open up!

So in Laura’s story, “After I started working with Stacey, I started to get a few referrals, started working with other entrepreneurs, and I started to realize, I could do this full-time! And within six months, I had quit my job, I could be there for my kids in a way that I wanted to, and was loving the business that I was building.” So within six months. Sometimes there’s a part of us that feels like it’s gonna take a long time, or it’s gonna be hard. But Laura’s business building process, I watched it! It happened fast!

So the other part of this that Laura was brand new to was the teaching, transformational principles, mindset, and personal development. She says, “Through working with you, I was invited to participate in this personal development, in visioning for this life that I would love. I really let myself dream. I don’t know if I necessarily believed the things that I wrote would come true. I can say that from those things that I wrote down on the paper, absolutely everything has come true and more.” Laura was so open and curious and you know what? She might not have believed it, but she was willing to give it a try, and that’s all that I’m inviting you to do, is to experiment with this and try it in your own life. Let it prove itself to you. And that’s what Laura was always willing to do, and continues to be willing to do.

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Laura wrote her vision, that included some things where she thought, this will never happen.

“First of all, being my own boss was a huge thing for me, I just yearned for that flexibility. I was sitting in a windowless cubicle, where I didn’t have enough work to keep me busy, and yet I had to sit there until the clock struck five o’clock. A huge piece was to do work that I believed in and my heart was in, and work for companies and entrepreneurs, other like-minded female business owners, was such a huge dream for me. And I believe that now I’m living that life, where I’m a female business owner that can inspire others.”

As for her personal goals, “I always grew up riding horses, and being in the country, but we lived in town. And there was nothing wrong with our life and our house. We had a beautiful house in town and a yard, but there was something about being in the country. I would drive through and just my heart just ached for that space. But the finances, mortgage, how is this going to happen, where were we gonna be? I just had a picture of my mind of what that entailed and I didn’t really believe that that was for us. At that time I thought it would be 10 years, maybe a retirement dream, I don’t know.

“And because I’ve been doing this work with Stacey, and because I’ve been asking the question, what CAN I do to take a step towards that, even if maybe I don’t believe it’s possible, what step can I take? And I started taking these sometimes baby steps, sometimes big steps, and now I’m living this beautiful acreage life. It happened, and it was actually way easier than I thought. I made it so much bigger in my mind, and when we started taking steps, me and my husband, it just kind of opened up in this beautiful way. And now, I can work on my deck, while the kids are running in the yard and jumping on the trampoline, and we have trails in the trees in our backyard, we have a beautiful garden, and it’s just amazing to come home and I’m driving through all these acreages, something I had always pictured for myself is here. It’s life!”

So what once was an idea on a piece of paper, is reality. This is important for all of us, because the process Laura used works with whatever your dream is. She was dreaming about acreage living and being around animals, and it felt impossible, and maybe one day, maybe retirement. And through this work and that structure of support, and thinking differently, asking well what if I could? What’s a step I can take? Doors started to open.

It didn’t take 20 or 30 years when she started to take action on it, it took a few months.

By being inside of the transformational work, and thinking differently, what’s that meant to your family? “There’s definitely a ripple effect that has happened, even my husband who was so rock solid in his thinking, would just say that well that’s just how it is. And I would question him, well what if it wasn’t? What if it were easy? And he became more open in his mindset and in what’s available to him and to us. Now we dream together, and it’s so fun. Life has just opened up. And for our kids to kind of see, just to have me home more, my husband also now has work where he works flexibly, he’s gotten a new job that works for our family life. Life has just opened up!

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“Recently, on a random Wednesday, I was telling Stacey that I was headed out to the barn to have a horseback riding lesson. And I just had this moment of complete gratitude. I just picture that previous self, sitting in a cubicle, tied to the Monday to Friday nine-to-five and not thinking that that was ever possible to go out and ride a horse on a Wednesday without taking a vacation day. And I just had this complete moment of gratitude that this is my life, I get to do this! I’m just so grateful for my new mindset, and the ability to design my life the way I want.”

Life looks good on Laura! And that’s what living that authentic life, living a life you love looks like. And now there’s new dreams and new goals!

It’s been five years working with Laura. She has been a dream come true for me and for the work that I get to do in the world, and for all of the clients that we get to serve. I’m so grateful to be on this journey with her.

If you’re ready for the kind of results that Laura described, and you are sitting in your proverbial cubicle wondering, is there more to life than this? You know that having some coaching structures of support, ways to shift your mindset would really benefit you and now is your time, go ahead book a time to have a conversation. Let’s have that complimentary strategy session. It’s where Laura and I started five years ago, and look what she’s been able to manifest over the last five years. So if that’s you, click this calendar link, and let’s get you started.

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