Are you showing up authentically, or are you wearing a mask?

Happy Halloween!

It is Halloween week, and I love Halloween as a reminder for all of us to check in with ourselves, to really ask “Am I wearing some masks? Am I wearing too many hats?” Because while we intentionally wear a mask on Halloween, it’s very very common that for the other 364 days of the year we are actually also wearing masks.

Let me tell you about a client who was at an event I was speaking at, and she saw a banner that I had there with a woman with her arms up in the air that said “I love my life!” Later, she told me that she walked by that banner with a little bit of “Ugh, I wish! Yeah right.” and at the time, she was definitely wearing a mask. A good friend had dragged her to be at that event that day, and unbeknownst to her friends and family, her husband had been cheating on her. She was feeling very depressed, was having a hard time getting out of bed, and nobody knew about it.

I know that her story is probably very different from yours right now, but it’s a great idea to look at yourself and really check in. Is there something that you’re carrying? Is there a burden? Is there a secret that you’re having that you’re not talking about, that you’re not revealing to other people? Is there a mask that you’re wearing?

I know that when I was in the corporate world, I felt like I had this shield, or this armor that I wore, where I had my corporate life, and I had my personal life. I really tried hard to keep those separate, and even though I felt like I was bringing my best self to each of those roles, there was a piece of inauthenticity in not bringing my whole self everywhere I went.

So halloween is a great time to reflect and really look at “What mask am I wearing today? Where could I be more of my authentic self wherever I go?” I am so grateful for the work that I get to do in the world today, where I really feel like I bring my whole self wherever I go, and how freeing that is!

So what would that look like in your life, if you brought more of your full self in every aspect of your life?

Let me tell you about that client today, the one that was in bed having a hard time getting out, feeling frustrated and depressed and not knowing where her life was going to go. Fast forward to today, she has left that mask behind, and that “Yeah right” has turned into “I love my life!” And what once seemed impossible, is now her reality. She is absolutely living a life she loves today. She has left that marriage, is feeling so free, and she just says “I feel like I’m me again. This is the freest I have ever felt in my entire life.” She has gone on to launch a successful business, she has deeper relationships with her friends, with her family, and it all started with her making a decision for her life. Making a decision to get some support to really uncover those masks that she was wearing and asked that powerful question “What would I love with my life?”

So this Halloween, however you’re celebrating, take a moment and really ask yourself that question this week. “What mask have I been wearing? Where could I be more my authentic self? And by bringing more of my authentic self into my life, what would that look like? What positive impact would that have?” It’s a great time for reflection, and if you are celebrating Halloween, have some fun, be safe, and here is to you living a life you love!


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