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I love masterminding. I love getting together with one person or a group of people where we’re generating ideas, asking questions, sourcing ideas for each other, and tapping into that collective education, experience, knowledge and resources of the group to help us move forward.

Masterminding is also a success principle used by many successful people today and in years past. Picture the difference between having one battery or six batteries. With six, you have way more power and energy, just like when we put our minds together and we have that common vision.

How can we tap into that collective consciousness in the most powerful way possible?

Let me first tell you what not to do (and I see this a lot!). We have a problem or a challenge, and we go to a friend or a colleague and we start telling them about the problem, describing what you’ve already tried, what’s not working, and explaining where you’re not producing results. The conversation is completely around the problem and what’s not working. What happens in that scenario is all of a sudden the group is now thinking about and focused on the problem and what’s not working. The energy is on problem. When we’re in the thought of problem, like attracts like. And if our mindset is there, it’s really tough to come up with good ideas. The ideas that will be generated are more in alignment with that common thinking, that problem thinking.

Here’s what you want to do if you have a challenge or a problem that you really want some support with, to come up with creative solutions. Set up your mastermind partners with the vision and the solution or end goal. Describe to them what you’re working on, and explain the result that you’re looking for. So state the amount of sales that you want, the amount of customers that you want, or the results that you want to be experiencing. You’re starting out by painting a picture of it all worked out, and now all of a sudden, inside everybody’s mind they can see you in the solution. You don’t know how you’re going to get there yet, but now everybody’s on the channel of thinking, or the frequency of thinking of solution. And now once you’ve got everybody connected to that vision where they’re seeing the vision, now we ask the question “What can i do? What are steps I can take? Who can I reach out to? What could I do to solve this challenge, or this problem?”

What’s happened in that scenario is we’ve elevated the thinking or the consciousness of the room, where we’re more connected to solution opportunities. We’re asking different questions, and therefore will get much better ideas and resources from our group.

It’s so important to have people that you can mastermind and talk about your challenges with. Doing it in this very specific way is not only going to help you move to solution quicker, but it’ll help the entire group. Intention purpose masterminding is something that i do with my clients on an ongoing basis, together we are generating ideas of what their next steps are.

If you would like to have an experience of a coach-led mastermind, a couple of times a year I open up my calendar and I do a public mastermind session with a handful of people. If you would like to be a part of the next group, you can click here to learn more. I hope you consider coming, but either way, make sure you have at least one other person in your life where you can do this masterminding process. Connect to your vision, asking those questions, and sourcing ideas. It’s going to help you move so much more quickly to your goals and your dreams.

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