Maximizing the Impact of a Vision Board


'Tis the Season of the Vision Board

My two favourite holidays are Thanksgiving and New Years because it's the time when the masses are in a state of gratitude and creating visions - something that successful people embody each and every day. 

So in this season of creating resolutions and vision boards I wanted to offer a few tips and tricks on how to help make them stick. 

Approach versus Avoidance
A lot of resolutions are written as avoidance goals - things that we want to remove from our life or what we want less of, for example lose weight, quit smoking, get out of debt.  Even though we are saying 'lose' the weight, typically our emotion lies on the word 'weight' and whatever we emotionalize we attract more of in our life.  A more powerful way to write your goals is as approach goals, what would you love to create, when you lose the weight what will the results be?  Greater flexibility? Vibrant Energy? Feeling great in your clothes.  Rewrite your goals to embody the result to make them more powerful.  

Feel Into It
Am mentioned above what we emotionalize we create more of, use this as a tool to help achieve your 2017 goals by bringing emotion to the goals being accomplished.  How will it feel to have more money in your bank account, how will it feel to be in a relationship with the love of your life, how will you feel in that little black dress.  This is why vision boards are so powerful, the images tend to evoke more emotion inside of us which creates more of a magnetic field to attract what we do want.  

Keep it Alive
Once your vision board is done put it somewhere that you can see it everyday and then train yourself to look at it and emotionally engage with it.  I'm sure you have pictures in your home that you rarely even notice anymore because you see them so often, it can be the same with a vision board or goals after some time it is there but we are not seeing it anymore.  Make it a habit of reading your goals everyday or looking at your vision board and imagining yourself inside of the images.  With repetition our faith increases that we will achieve the results and our motivation stays strong.  

Take Action
Vision boards are a great tool, but without action it will remain an idea.  Serve your vision with action everyday - ask yourself what is one thing I can do today in service of the vision and then go do it. 

Celebrate Your Success
Make sure to celebrate all of the wins along the way to the vision, the little wins are necessary to achieving the big vision so give yourself the wins along the way. 

To Your Success,