Grow Your Business to Become a 6 Figure Earner or Millionaire

Today I’m going to help you make a million dollars look small and achievable.

I was on a call recently with one of my coaches, and he answered this question in such a brilliant way. When somebody asked “How do I go from being a six figure earner to making that million dollars?” And here was his answer. “Imagine making five million dollars.”

This way, we make a million look small when we focus on an even bigger number. When you start looking at, what if my business was generating five million dollars, what would that look like? What would that feel like? What plans would I have to have in place? What people would I have to have in place for that five million dollar company? And now we’ve got that recognition with earning five million dollars.

Now look at a million dollars and all of a sudden what seemed like a big stretch, all of a sudden feels more doable.

The key to really having those quantum leaps with our finances and with our numbers is how we’re relating with them. If we feel like it would be a big jump to go to that million dollars, or if you’re wanting to go to six figures, if that feels like a big number, and it’s big in our minds, then it makes it tougher to achieve, because we achieve what we believe.

The better we relate to a number, where you see yourself as that million dollar earner, you see yourself with that million dollars in your investments or in your bank account, what happens is it starts to increase your believing. You start to relate to it, being that person who’s achieved that goal. And the more you relate with it, it becomes more achievable.

How can you relate to that number more? Start spending more time with it. Have an affirmation, have a goal card, have a clear vision that you’re connecting with multiple times a day (not just once a year or once a quarter).

The other way that you can create a relationship with that number is reduce it to the ridiculous. So look at that number and break it down – what would that look like by month, by week, by day, by hour, and start to relate to it in its reduced number to help you create that connection.

If you’re ready to break that million dollar mark, here’s how:

  • Imagine making five million dollars. Go to an even bigger number to help you connect to the million dollars.

  • Create a relationship with that number by connecting with it every single day.

  • Reduce it to the ridiculous. Break that number down so you can better relate to it.

By doing these things, it’s going to help you to increase your believing, and therefore your achieving.

Recently I was working with a client using these particular steps. I asked her, “What would you love? What would that number be?” And she set a goal that felt insurmountable. She had never achieved it before, and there was a part of her that went “this is impossible.” The more she worked with her specific goal in building a relationship with the number, thinking about it every day, and then breaking it down by month, by week, and by transaction. In a very short period of time she called me and she said “Stacey, I have no idea how this happened but I achieved that goal this year!”

So what’s your number? What number would you love to achieve? Apply these to whatever that number is for you, and watch what happens.

Here is to you living a life you love,


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