Are you getting closer to your goals or just doing busy work?

Are you taking action that’s actually moving you forward, or are you doing busy work?

Are you doing things today that, two years from now, you’re going to be reaching your goals, or, is it going to keep you on that hamster wheel? There is no shortage of things to do in a day, and there’s probably days that you go home after you felt busy all day, but you didn’t feel like you accomplished anything.

What are your needle moving activities? What are your action steps that you can take today that will absolutely move the needle on your vision?

I see this a lot when people are starting businesses or they’re starting projects, and they say “I’ve gotta go get all my back end stuff, I’ve gotta get my branding done and my website done, and I have to make sure everything looks good, and THEN I’ll start taking the steps, I’ll start networking, I’ll start making phone calls.” And those things are important, but they’re not the needle movers. They’re not the things that are going to make the cash register ring, that are going to bring the clients and the customers to you. If you look at what your major initiative is for 2020, what your big project or goal is, or what you want to be celebrating on December 31 of this year, there’s some steps or some actions that you needed to take that are would have moved the needle in getting you there.

So how do you know what they are? And how do you make sure that they’re the priority? There’s a few tools that have helped me with this and they are:

  1. Having a powerful morning practice and starting your day in reflection. Spend time each morning connecting to your goals and your vision, reminding yourself why it’s important to you. As you’re connected to your vision, ask yourself in those moments “What’s one step I can take today that would move me towards that goal?” When you ask that question from a place connected to your vision, infinite intelligence starts to speak to you. You start to get ideas from your intuition that are a match for you achieving your vision. Also, commit to that step.

  2. “Eat the big frog first”. What does that mean? It’s a saying that means if you had to eat a bucket of frogs, which one do you start with? If you start out by eating the biggest one, the other ones don’t feel so big. It’s the same when we’re looking at our days and our daily priorities. It’s much easier to scratch off the easy or comfortable items on your list. But what often happens is by the time you’ve scratched off all those little tasks, there’s no more time in the day, or you have no more energy to take the step that’s actually going to move you forward. So instead, schedule your day in a way that you’re eating that big frog first, you’re doing your needle moving activities at the beginning of your day. Then, once they’re done, you can do everything else. Remember, those needle moving activities aren’t always easy or comfortable. (Watch for an upcoming post where we will talk about valuing growth over comfort.)

  3. Celebrate yourself. Give yourself the pat on the back when you’re taking those steps. Just imagine, if you took one step every day in the direction of your dreams, imagine where you could be a month from now, six months from now, a year from now.

So don’t just be in busy work, make sure you’re taking those needle moving activities. And when you do that, you will be on your way to living a life that you love.

To you, living a life YOU love,


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