Never Underestimate the Power of 5 Minutes

Time is an interesting thing.  There's too much, there's not enough, it can be wasted, it can be treasured, it can go fast, it can go slow and last week we even 'lost an hour'.  All of these statements illustrate how powerful our perception is and demonstrates how we have the ability to put meaning on everything, including our most precious asset of all, our time. 

A powerful lesson was once taught to a new group of University students by their Dean.  He stood up on stage ready to address the crowd and instead of speaking stood in silence.  Imagine a crowd of hundreds of people in still silence, not knowing what was happening and for, what some would later say, felt like an uncomfortable eternity.  When he finally spoke he said, "that was five minutes, never underestimate the power of five minutes".   

Life can change in a moment, we all understand this at some level, and we typically hear it in relation to receiving news about an accident or a diagnosis, but how about choosing to use a moment, or 5-minutes, to intentionally have a powerful impact on the trajectory of your day.  Next time you find yourself saying I only have 5 minutes, ask yourself this question instead, 'What could I do in 5 minutes that would move me closer to my vision?'. 

Each one of us was given 525,600 minutes this year and 20% of those have already gone by, what are you choosing to do with the next 5 of them?  

To the moments,