3 Ways to Discover Your Passion and Purpose

Have you been feeling lost lately? Maybe you are feeling a loss of identity and would love to try and reignite that passion that you once had.

I have heard from a number of people lately who really feel like they’ve lost that sense of self as they’ve been locked in their houses, some experiencing loss of jobs or income, or just having life itself disrupted. Now there is a feeling of, “Who am I? And what is really my passion?”

Here are three tools to rediscover your passion so that you can live on purpose and really live a life you love living:

Pay attention to your longings and your discontents.

Think about having a conversation with somebody, and you hear that they just did something, went somewhere, or they’re taking a new class, and you felt a spark of excitement within you, like, “I would like to do that! I would like to try that!” Maybe you’ve always wanted to travel to a certain place, or take a certain class, and it’s never felt like the right time. That would be your longing. The longing to do something you’ve never done before, or return to something you used to love.

And then, pay attention to your discontents. Pay attention to the things in your life that upset you, you wish you could change, or that aren’t to your preference.. Things that we would call problems or struggles.

Those discontents help us to get more clear about what we do want. So for me, a big discontent for some time was when I was in the corporate world, leaving my kids early in the morning and not getting home until late at night. I felt so much guilt over wanting to be a good mom, and successful in my career. There was a real discontent there. So, in your life, identify those discontents. Then we ask ourselves, if it wasn’t that, what would it be? I knew that I wanted more time freedom and flexibility. So when we look at the areas that we’re not happy with, it’s really important to then flip it and ask, “If it wasn’t that, what would it be?”

What are you interested in?

Pay attention to the books and magazines you enjoy reading, websites you’re browsing or searching, and conversations you’re having that light you up. So really noticing, where does your interest tend to go?

When my husband was transitioning out of the military and wondering what was he going to do next, everything that he spent his spare time on had to do with music. He was always buying guitar magazines, reading autobiographies on musicians, and that was really his interest. So as he started to explore that, he would get curious about, “What can I do in that field? What would light me up there?”

If you’re in a conversation with somebody and you feel really reignited, and end up more excited than when you first started that conversation, that’s a sign and a signal about what your passion is. What were you discussing?

I had somebody recently say to me, as they were trying to discover their passion, “All of my books are on relationships, family and connection. That’s really what I would love to do, is to help people have deeper, richer connections, and enhance their relationships.”

Ask the people around you.

The third way to really discover that passion is to ask the people that are closest to you, “When you think of me, what are my skills and gifts? What do you think I am interested in?” Sometimes when we’re so busy living inside our lives, we can’t see things as easily as other people. Then use that as feedback to get curious and ask yourself, “is that something I’d like to pursue more of?”

Here’s the key with that, and you want to be really careful. Remember, you’re the ultimate authority on your life. You get to decide what lights you up. We’re not looking for other people to determine our path by suggesting we “should” do something. We’re just getting the feedback so then we can really ask, is that something that I would love.

When we’re living a life of passion and purpose, we’re healthier, we have deeper relationships, life is easier.

We are not meant to settle. We are not meant just for a mediocre life. We are meant to live on purpose. To have that passion. Take some time this week and begin that process of discovering what your passion is, and what you would love. And use these three tools to really help you discover that.

Here is to you living a life you love,


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