How to Be More Present

Somebody asked me the question the other day, “How do I stay more present in my day?”

I love that question because what I know is that we tend to live in either two different realms. Some people tend to live in the past, where we’re regretting things that we said, what we did or didn’t do, and we’re constantly feeling that remorse or that regret about the past. And other people tend to live more in the future, where we’re just plowing through our days and our to-do lists, and on to the next thing.

Today I’m going to give you three ways to be more present in where you are right now. We tend to feel more joy as we are living in the present moment, and what what we find is that life becomes a lot easier. It becomes a lot more fun. New opportunities begin to present themselves to us.

How do you stay more present with where you are?

  1. I’m going to invite you to stand up and just feel your feet on the floor. What happens when we tend to live in the past or the future, we really are living in our heads. We’ve got this busy to-do list going on, what do I have to do, or reliving events and replaying conversations, and we’re constantly really, really busy in our heads. Just by feeling your feet on the floor moves your energy from your head into your body. As we’re more present in our bodies, that really brings us to the present moment. It calms us, anchors us, and grounds us. Then, when we’re more connected in our body, we have access to different ideas, where it’s easier to solve problems and to think more creatively. Notice how you feel just by moving that energy from your head into your feet or into your body.

  2. Segment intending. How many times have you just been plowing through your day and your to-do list, moving from one meeting to another, from task to task, and we’re just go go go go go. Segment intending is to think about your day in different segments. One of your segments is sitting here reading this blog right now. When that is over, you’re going to move into something else. Think about that as being a different “segment” of your day. And in between those segments, just take a second to ground yourself, breathe, and to ask the question “How do I want to show up for this next segment?” How do I want to show up as I transition from work to home? From this meeting to that meeting? Before I pick up the phone? And enter that segment being really intentional about how you’re showing up with each one of your tasks. It’s going to slow you down and make you more present, and when you’re more present, especially when we’re thinking about with other people, they feel heard. We’re able to listen differently, respond differently, create greater connection. How could you apply segment intending to your day to be more present?

  3. Access the true power that’s within by using your breath. So do this right now, and take a nice deep breath in. We can’t breathe in the past, we can’t breathe in the future, the only place we can breathe is right here, right now. And our subconscious mind does a brilliant job at making sure that we’re breathing without thinking about it. What happens though, is when we’re in a hurry, when we’re busy, we tend to breathe just from our chest, which is a low shallow breathing, and we’re not doing that intentionally. By taking one or two or three intentional breaths, what that will do is it will bring you back to this present moment. It’ll ground you, it’ll make you more present, and again when we’re more present, we have access to greater joy, to really enjoying this life while we’re living it.

If you’re feeling disconnected from the present moment and you would like to reconnect to where you are, I like the expression “Be where your feet are.” I’m not thinking about my next thing, I’m not worrying about what’s coming up, I’m really where I am right here, right now.

I always love hearing from you and what tools you use to help you stay more present, so comment below, I would love to hear which one of these three things you’re going to try utilizing. Or if you have another tip that you can share with this community, I’d love to hear that. So comment below.

Here is to you living a life you love,


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