Reflecting on the Past…

This is a Remembrance Day like no other, where we can’t gather in the big groups like we are used to, ceremonies are really pared down or canceled. Still though, it’s an opportunity to really remember and honour the past.

Remembrance Day is always a highly charged emotional day in our house. Jeff spent 10 years in the Canadian Armed Forces and loved his time serving his country. He loved the camaraderie, the history and being part of that culture for a long time. He also lost some friends overseas during his time served as well.

So when Remembrance Day comes around, in my personal experience, there’s this real conflict of really wanting to honour the past, wanting to honour and remember the fallen soldiers and the people that have really dedicated their lives to serving our country, and there’s also the part of me that wants to put my energy and my focus on peace and what I would really love for the world.

The reason I have this conflict is because I know that wherever we’re putting our energy and our attention, that’s what we’re creating. And this is so important, not only on Remembrance Day but for each and every one of us.

We all have a past, a history, and often times inside that past, there’s conflict, tragedy, and there’s hard times. It can be really really difficult to let the past be in the past, or to make peace with our history, so that we can move forward into the future and into what it is that we would love to create.

What I’ve come to realize is that it’s important to honour the past, but to do it with a kind glance, and to do it in gratitude. Because without that past, without that history, no matter how peppered it is with tragedy, with hardship, with regret, you wouldn’t be here without every single thing that has brought you to this moment.

We wouldn’t be here as a planet without everything that has brought us to this moment. We stand on the shoulders of giants. We are in this evolution, and our history is a part of that, so have the ability to cast a kind glance on our history, a kind glance on our past, in gratitude for where it’s brought us, and where it’s going to take us.

Make peace with that within you too, maybe there’s some regret, heartache, or hardship. What could you do to start making peace with that?

So join me in looking back, honouring in deep gratitude all of the heroes that have fought for our country. Thank you for all of the people who have given their lives, who made that ultimate sacrifice, so that we could be here today. So that we have the freedom to even ask ourselves the question, “What would I love to create? What what would I love for myself, for our planet?” and to use that as a catalyst to really move forward.

So on this very, very special Remembrance Day, in addition to remembering the veterans and all of the people who are serving our country, past and present, I encourage you to take some time for self-reflection. Is there any wounds that need to be healed? Is there anything that you’re ready to let go of?

Here’s to you living a life you love,


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