You Have Absolute Control of Only 1 Thing...

And That is Your Thoughts

Napoleon Hill, after studying highly successful people over a 20 year period, wrote "You have absolute control of only one thing, and that is your thoughts".   So often we want to control things and events going on around us or the people in our lives, when the reality is the only thing we have absolute control over is our thoughts. 

The thing is, just because we have the ability to control our thoughts doesn't mean we will.  This is like building a muscle and it takes focus, effort and time to start saying yes or no to a thought and, without conscious effort, it is easy to forget and to allow our thoughts to think us and to have them determine our state of mind and ultimately our experience.   

Start building that muscle today by releasing any thoughts of complaining and whining about conditions - when you hear yourself complaining simply say "Next" and switch your focus from what you can't do anything about to what you can do something about.  Switch your attention to gratitude - what are 3 very specific things you can be grateful for in this moment.  

Again, controlling your thoughts is like building muscle - it takes time and repetition.  Start where you are by recognizing that you are in control of your state of mind and that today you are going to exercise that control. 

To your success,