Should you send your children back to school this fall?

So here’s the conversation that’s been happening in my house, and with my girlfriends, and people that i meet – “What are you doing about school? Are you sending your kids? Should we register our son for hockey? Are we going back to dance?”

I get it. It is something that’s weighing heavily on most parents minds right now.

And it’s this uncertainty that causes a lot of stress and anxiety, and there’s that part of us that’s worried about “Am I being a bad mom? Am I being irresponsible? What should I do? What’s the best thing for me? What’s the best thing for my kids, for my family, for my friends?”

It can be really spiralling, when we get into the “what should I do” conversation, so i wanted to offer you three things to help really calm that uncertainty today and to support you in making decisions and moving forward in a way that you can feel really good about.

If this is something you’re really struggling with, I encourage you to watch my masterclass on Pandemic Fatigue: Managing the Uncertainty, by clicking here.

So let’s start by taking a deep breath here. We are in unprecedented times. There’s nothing to look back on in most of our history to really compare to what we’re navigating right now as parents, as employees, as business owners. So how do we manage that?

  1. Recognize that every major event in history, if we look to our world wars, if we look back to the Spanish flu, there was a beginning, a middle, and an end to it. And it’s the same with Covid and the Coronavirus, is there’s a beginning, and a middle, and there will be an end to it. It’s important for us to just know that this will end. No, we don’t know when and we don’t know how long, but having that confidence in saying that this is something that you’re navigating right now, and it does have a beginning, and a middle, and an end. Once we recognize that, it can calm our nervous system and help us to make better decisions.

  2. Who do I want to be in this pandemic? Ten years from now, when you’re looking back at this time, how do you want to have shown up? How do you want to have shown up for your kids, for yourself, when you think about telling the stories about this time in your life? Really make some decisions about who do I want to have been, and what are some of those qualities that you want to have embodied? To have been kind, to have been proactive, to have made the best of it, make some advanced decisions about how do you want to show up right now. As you find yourself maybe spinning in the uncertainty, spinning in the fatigue of all of this, just taking that breath and asking yourself who do I want to have been? How do I want to show up here? That will help you show up as your best self, connect with that part of you and make better decisions.

  3. Tthird thing that’s been really helpful to me, and I hope that it serves you as well, is reminding myself of Napoleon Hill’s words. Napoleon Hill studied some of the most successful people on the planet and codified what created their success. One of the themes that he discovered, and he put it this way, that within every adversity there’s a seed of an equal or greater benefit. Not some adversities, not once in a while, but every adversity has a seed of an equal or greater benefit. Well, we’re in a pretty major adversity right now, and so with that massive adversity, if we believe Napoleon Hill’s words and all of the people that he studied, there also exists a seed of opportunity. What I love about his words is if you look at a seed, there’s so much potential within that seed. If we’re planting our gardens, if we’re planting a flower bed, there’s so much potential within that seed but as within every seed, we’ve got to plant it, we have to nurture it, we have to harvest it. But if we know that within every adversity, there exists this opportunity, let’s start looking for those opportunities. Start getting curious about what good can come from this. What could go right? What could the benefits be? And as we start to get curious and look for those seeds of equal or greater benefit, they’ll start to reveal themselves to us.

Finally, I would also love to say to you right now is good job, Mom, Dad, you are doing a great job. And whatever you decide, trust that decision. There’s no right or wrong here. Whatever decisions you’re making in the best interest of yourself and your family, just know that you’re doing a great job.

To you living a life that you love,


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