Staying Grounded in the Face of Overwhelm

Life is full.  I made a conscious decision to replace the word 'busy' in my life with 'full' about two years ago.  The truth is life is busy, but it is busy with activities that I have chosen to fill my hours, days and weeks with, because ultimately we do get to choose.  

Just because I choose the word full doesn't mean that I never get overwhelmed with all the tasks, opportunities, places to be, things to do, people to connect with, kids to raise, a business to run... you get the idea.  Life is full and sometimes it can be overwhelming.  Maybe you are caring for an aging parent, or feeling like you've checked your soul at the door whenever you walk into work.  Maybe you are a single parent feeling all alone, or just caught in the rat race of life, whatever your situation is at some point you have probably felt overwhelmed by your responsibilities and by your to do list.  So how can we stay grounded when it all feels like a little too much? 

The first tool is to breathe.  We have all heard it, we all know it, but do you practice it?  In those moments when you are about to react in a way that could have negative consequences later, in that moment when you are on the brink of tears because it all seems like too much, remember to breathe.  A deep breath that fills your lungs calms down your central nervous system and sends a message to your brain that things are okay.  3 deep, intentional breaths can have an incredible impact on dissolving overwhelm.  

The second tool is to remember that overwhelm is when we make our situation or circumstances bigger than us when the truth is that the power within you right now is WAY more powerful than anything you are facing right now.  It may not seem like that in the moment but the more we remind ourselves of this power the easier it becomes.  Remind yourself who you really are, an incredible spiritual being having a human experience.  

The third tool is to ask for help.  Often we have been trained that asking for help is a sign of weakness when the reality is that when we get to the point of overwhelm it is important to have a structure of support around us to help us to remember to breathe and to remind us of who we really are.  We are not meant to do life alone and asking for help signals that you are ready to transform your situation and to live a more balanced life.  

So today, remember to breathe, remind yourself who you really are and ask for help. 

To having a full and grounded day,