Stop Striving for Work/Life Balance

Last week over 200 businesswomen gathered at the Womanition BizBrigade in Edmonton to grow themselves and their businesses.  It is a powerful thing when we gather with that intention, in a supportive environment with so much collaboration and learning.  I had the opportunity to talk about the work/life balance that so many of us aspire for and why I believe that work/life balance should not be our goal.
Do you remember on the playground as a kid standing on the middle of a teeter-totter trying to get both sides to balance?  It took a lot of effort to make that happen and then after a short time a friend would run by and push the end or distract you and you would lose your balance and maybe even fall right off.  Or have you ever sat on an exercise ball and tried to lift your feet? Achieving balance is a lot of work.  It requires concentration, effort and focus and cannot be sustained for a long period of time.  So why do we make something that is so hard to do our goal? 
Instead of balance, consider making this your new affirmation and goal “My schedule feels really good to me”.  Breathe into that for a moment.  What if you felt good about your schedule and everything you get to do in a day and in a week? What if it felt good to be doing whatever it is you are doing in the moment?  What if you looked forward to your days and your evenings - both during the week and the weekend - knowing that it all feels really good to you?

The truth is we do not have a work life and a home life -  we have a life - one of them. Yours. The one you are living right now - so what if it felt really good to you?  

To Loving Your Schedule,