The Difference Between Successful People and Unsuccessful People

Why are some people successful and others not?

We know that it has nothing to do with education, or age, or experience, because if that was the case, then everybody that graduated from a certain program, or everybody that lived in a certain neighborhood, everybody with a certain designation would have the same level of success.

So what separates people that see results from people that don’t see results?

It’s our paradigm, or our operating system, or our mindset, that is ultimately what determines our results.

So what is a paradigm, and how do you change it so that you can experience new results?

If you can imagine when we were little kids, we were just absorbing everything that was going on around us. Did your parents argue about money? Were you told that education is important or isn’t important? How were your parents in their relationship? All the people around you, or the things you heard from school, from friends, the impactful events in your life – all of that was absorbed by your subconscious mind and started to create your belief system. It’s how we know what foods we like, what language we speak, it plays an important role in many areas of our life, but it also dictates and impacts the results that we experience.

Your belief system, or that paradigm, is right now controlling the results that you’re experiencing. If you want to know what your belief system is, or what that paradigm is, just look at your results, because your results never lie.

If it’s your subconscious belief system, or those paradigms that are controlling our results, how do we change that so we can experience a new result?

Research has shown there’s only two ways that we change our paradigm, and one of those is through strong emotional impact. So these are things like an accident, an illness or a divorce, it’s that proverbial wake-up call that challenges us to think in a different way or to do things differently. Sometimes it’s a positive emotional impact. It’s getting married, it’s having a baby, it’s having a grandchild. Those very, very strong emotional impacts can change that operating system or that paradigm.

Unfortunately, oftentimes that’s not enough on its own.

There was a very interesting study done where they studied heart disease patients. These particular patients’ lives were on the line. If they did not make changes to their lifestyle, they were going to die. They took these patients and told them what they needed to do. One group, within three weeks on their own, were back to their old habits, even with their life on the line. The other group, was given support. They had mentorship, they had coaching, they had accountability, and 90 percent of those people were successful in making the changes required.

Chances are for you in your life right now, your life isn’t on the line, but what is on the line? Is your goal, is your dream, is your happiness, is living into your potential on the line? As mentioned above, one way that we change that paradigm or that operating system is strong emotional impact. The second way we change that paradigm or that operating system is with repetition, and strategic support over time.

When you first learned the alphabet, you didn’t hear your ABC’s once and you knew it. It was thorough repetition, hearing it over and over and over again, that installed it. Now, you can recite it without thinking about it.

Your paradigms, those beliefs, have been installed in you over years and decades. If we want to install a new belief or operating system, it takes repetition. When we have proper structures of support around us, just like those heart patients, it sets us up for success.

If you want to look at why are some people successful, and others not, it has to do with their operating system. They have a mindset for success, and chances are they’ve had some mentorship, they’ve had some structures of support to help them sustain those results. If you want to produce new results in your life this year, set yourself up for success by having structures of support around you. It’s why top athletes, it’s why business owners, highly successful executives, why they have coaches and mentors. Because we cannot see our own subconscious blocks. When we have that mentorship, it cuts down the learning curve, and we’re able to install within us a mindset for success, which therefore creates the results that we want.

I have had the absolute pleasure of mentoring people for over 20 years on business operations and finance and strategic development, but most importantly on the mindset required to implement those things in a way that creates results.

If this is your year, and if you are ready to create new levels of success in your life, and you know that coaching and mentorship will help you accomplish that, let’s have a conversation. Let’s figure out if we’re the right fit to work together. So reach out, let’s connect, let’s have a conversation.

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