How do you create a successful life?

There is a zen proverb that says before enlightenment, carry water and chop wood. After enlightenment, carry water and chop wood. My interpretation of that particular saying is that it’s so important to really recognize who we’re being and how we’re showing up in our life at all times, not just in the exciting moments.

Be conscious of asking “who am I being?” and “how am I showing up in the mundane tasks of life?” because before an enlightenment, we still have to wash the dishes and do laundry and make our beds. And after enlightenment, those mundane tasks of life still exist.

The truth is, a successful life is made up of successful years, and successful years are made up of successful months, and successful months are made up of successful weeks, and successful days, and ultimately a successful life is made up of successful moments.

The important thing when we’re really creating a successful life is not just asking how am I showing up in my morning gratitude practice or my meditation practice; it’s asking who am I being while I’m doing things like washing the dishes or folding laundry? Am I doing that task begrudgingly and resentfully, or am I really in the moment and savouring that? No you don’t have to love those things, but you get to choose how you show up.

Einstein is quoted as saying Everything is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want and it must be yours. This is not philosophy, this is physics. What does that mean for us in the mundane tasks? Your vision, dreams, and goals exist on a certain level of being in an emotional state. Imagine if you were living your dream life right now, how would you feel? You’d probably feel confident, ecstatic, maybe a sense of relief. There’s an energetics to you living that life that you would love.

Just like with our television or radio, all of the radio stations are available to us but we tune to the one that we want to listen to, or on TV, we tune to the channel that we want to watch. Inside our life, our resentment and doing things begrudgingly exists on a different frequency.

As you move through your days, both the the mundane and the fun parts, who are you being throughout your day? What is your dominant thinking pattern? What’s your dominant energetic pattern? Consider while you’re washing dishes, to bring to mind what you’re grateful for in your life. Maybe it’s a time to connect with your partner or your kids. The more that you’re in those mundane tasks, and in a place of gratitude, bringing your best self, that’s how we create successful moments, successful days, weeks, months, years, and a lifetime.

The other thing that occurs in those moments is the universe reflects back to us. It responds to our emotional state or our energetic state. The more that you’re moving through your day as the woman or man from your vision, connected to joy and gratitude, the universe is responding to that. It’s kind of like this magnetic field you’re creating around you, and it’s bringing to you more experiences that are on that same frequency.

Like attracts like, so as you’re chopping wood and carrying water as your best self, you’re creating, and you’re bringing to you more opportunities that are in alignment with that life that you want to create.

It can be easier to bring that energetic state when we’re pursuing our passions, like I said when we’re in our meditation and our gratitude, and that’s really important. But equally as important is how are you showing up in the mundane tasks of life? How are you showing up when you’re stuck in rush hour traffic, or you’re grocery shopping, how can you bring more of your best self into those everyday moments of life? And by doing that, you will not only feel better in the moment, but you’re creating this successful life.

The mindset piece here is being aware of your my mindset in the mundane tasks. How are you showing up? Who are you choosing to be in the day-to-day operations of your life? And the strategy piece really is an alignment with that mindset. How would your best self show up in this moment? Really physicalizing what does that look like in this moment? And by having the mindset and putting that into action, this is how you create a life you love living.


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