Take 2 Minutes to Change Your Results

What is the messaging you have going on in your head and how does it affect your results?

There was an interesting experiment done by John Boggs, which relates to the messaging that you are telling yourself. 

John brought individuals into a room to do some exercises, which included writing down sentences. Scattered throughout, the words that some of the group had to choose from were words like Florida, wrinkled, slow, and they were all related to being elderly. 

What he did is he recorded the speed that they walked into the room and then they recorded the speed that they walked out of the room, and it was very interesting to see that most people walked out of that room after being primed with words that were related to being elderly at a much slower pace

So why does that matter to you? 

Today we are talking about the power of priming, how to prime your energy, and how to prime yourself so you can create a different result. 

Our subconscious mind is so powerful. There is such power in priming ourselves, which means getting our energy and enthusiasm up, getting our state of mind into a higher energy, because we feel good when we’re thinking differently. 

When we prime ourselves, we produce a different result, just like in John Boggs’ experiments. 

So how can you prime yourself to really set yourself up for success? Here are a few tips: 

  • The most powerful time to do that, of course, is first thing in the morning. We are so thoughtful about what we choose to put on in the morning, how we’re doing our hair, makeup, what we are going to wear. The most important thing you can put on in the morning is your mindset.

  • One of the powerful ways to prime yourself is just by saying these words “I love my life”. I love my life, I love my life. And even if there’s circumstances and conditions that you don’t love right now, as you’re priming yourself with “I love my life, I love my life,” it starts to shift your energy. It’s sending a different message to your brain, to your body, it’s changing your physiology and pretty soon you’re feeling that energy of I really love my life. 

  • Amy Cuddy has a really great TED talk on the power of priming and power posing, and how we can use our bodies to prime ourselves. There’s a thing called the Superman pose, where you stand with your feet hip width apart, your arms either on your hips or in the air, and just by standing like that for two minutes, science has proven that, again, we start to change our physiology, we start to feel better. 

So before you go into that big meeting, before you make that scary phone call, before you go on the first date, take two minutes to prime yourself to change your energy, and you can create a completely different result. 

How important could those two minutes be to you? My invitation to you this week is to experiment – take two minutes throughout your days and intentionally prime yourself. Then notice how you feel and the results it produces!

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