It’s Time to Take Action Toward Your Vision! How to get great results.

Do you struggle getting yourself to take action?

You know what you need to do, but yet time and time again you find yourself not doing the thing you know you need to do?

Wallace Wattles says in The Science of Getting Rich, “This is where most metaphysical thinkers, where they meet shipwreck. Where they fail to connect thought with personal action.”

This is why I am so passionate about both mindset and strategy. We can’t have just mindset, we can’t just be positive thinkers without having strategy, and taking personal action. And we can’t just be in action without really dealing with our mindset and what’s going on up here. We need both.

There’s a knowing in the military, that when they cross a bridge, it’s really important for them to break cadence. So when they’re marching in step, approaching a bridge, they actually have to break that cadence and common step, because the power of that continuous synced motion will actually break the bridge.

There is so much power when we have a cadence or a momentum in our personal action that creates powerful results.

The design of our brains actually prevents us from taking the action we need. This is self-sabotage.

Have you ever sabotaged your own progress? My hand is up with you!

It’s a very natural way that our brains try to keep us stuck and keep us from moving forward. Personal action is key to forward momentum, and consistent action is really the key to create sustainable results. I know this isn’t easy for everyone.

You might be the person who’s really good on the mindset piece, you’re reading, studying, you’ve got a gratitude practice, a meditation practice, you’ve got a vision board up, and yet, you’re not able to really take that consistent action.

So what I’m doing this Friday is a free Masterclass called Take Action on how to get yourself to do just that, take action! And more importantly, taking action in a way that’s going to create results. During this Masterclass, I will give you really simple strategies on how to overcome the part of you that wants to keep you safe, or keep you stuck. And, how do you cause yourself to take what I call the right action that’s going to move you forward right now.

Claim your spot at that Masterclass by clicking here.

How do you implement this into your life? The mindset takeaway is to recognize the importance of both mindset and action. One isn’t more important than the other, we need both of them to create results. Set your mind that you’re not only going to do your mindset work, but you’re also causing yourself to take personal action. The strategy piece today, is sign up for that Masterclass. Let’s get you some really specific tools to help you take right action towards your vision. And when we combine mindset with personal action, we create a life we love.


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