The Art and Science of Transformation

Do you have a bookshelf of self-help books but you’re still not seeing the transformation? What if I told you there is a code to change that? No matter what you’re facing right now with the circumstances of your current life, you can transform them into the results that you would love using this proven system.

Did you know there is an art and the science of transformation?

One of my core values is growth and I pride myself on being a lifelong learner. If you’re like me, you probably have a bookshelf full of personal development books, maybe you’ve attended different workshops, seminars, and conferences. Have you really been able to apply their teachings into your life to create the transformation? I get that question all the time, how do I know this is going to be different? About 10 years ago now I was introduced to a system of transformation. I started working with a mentor who had been studying success principles and transformation for over 40 years. She took that information and she took that study, and she codified it into a system that creates results that’s practical and effective. It’s the art and the science of transformation, and how we need both to actually produce results in our life.

The art of transformation is the vision. It’s having a crystal clear picture of where it is that you want to go in your life. The reason why this is considered the art is because your vision, what you want for your life, is uniquely yours. It’s going to be different than anybody else’s; what they’re desiring, what they’re longing for. It’s also an art because it takes imagination to be able to paint that picture of the results that you want to create.

The science is the vibration. If you look at quantum physics and the study of energy, we realize and recognize that everything is energy. If we want to create a new result, we have to match the energy, or the vibration, of the result that we want to create. So what does that mean? Albert Einstein is quoted as saying “Everything is energy. That’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and it must be yours. This is not philosophy, this is physics.” This really speaks to both the law of vibration and the law of attraction. So, if we want to match the frequency of the reality we want, that means that we need to shift our energy or vibration.

As you have that vision of what it is that you want to create, you now need to match that to how you’re feeling and acting today. What would you love for your life? Let’s imagine for a second here: it’s all worked out and you’re living a life you love. You have the health, you have the relationships, you’re in work that lights you up, or you jump out of bed in the morning. If you imagine living that life, how would that feel? How does that man or woman get out of bed in the morning? How do they show up in their day? And the more that you put on that energy, you come from that frequency. You start acting as if you’ve already achieved the results. That activates the science portion. The more that you match that frequency of what it is that you want to create, you start to attract different opportunities and different experiences. This is where the “out of the blue” things or serendipitous events begin to happen.

We have to have a vision, and then we match that frequency. We are coming from that vibration on a day-to-day basis.

If you’re tired of recreating the same results over and over again and you actually want to see transformation in your life, apply this, work with it, experiment with it.

I am passionate about you living a life that you love and these tools are designed to help you do that.

To you living a life you love,



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