The Side Effects of Manifesting

I spent some time with Connie Sparks on my Youtube channel recently. Connie agreed to come on and ask some questions, and to get some support and some coaching around a challenge that that she’s having. She has a question, and the reason that we’re we’re doing this is, first of all, to pour into Connie and support her in moving some energy on her vision. But also, we know that when one person has a question, usually there’s many many people out there that also have the same questions.

We applaud Connie for her willingness to to be vulnerable and to share with us a little bit what’s going on and and for her questions.

Connie’s question is around manifesting her vision, or the some of the things she wants in her vision, without manifesting a bunch of debt to go along with it.

I love that question. Connie has a vision, she’s done quite a bit of work around creating a vision for some of the things that she would love, and she was sharing with me that there’s a history of manifesting some things in the past, but they’ve come with debt. So how do you manifest without accumulating a whole bunch of debt along with that manifestation?

It’s important, first of all, to notice the longing and the discontent. So for example, maybe you’ve manifested a car before, however that car came with a car loan or a car payment, and that now creates a discontent. So then the question becomes, what could I do to manifest that car, that home, that vacation, fill in the blank with whatever your your dream is, without having the debt.

I would love to support Connie, and whoever may have this question, with this circumstance!

First of all, oftentimes the debt comes as a result of us thinking that that’s the only way that I can create results. Most of us live in a “condition based” world, we know the common way that we buy a house, or buy a vehicle, is we get a loan for it, and we have payments. So there’s an expectation that if I’m going to buy a home, I’m going to buy a car, there’s there’s going to be a loan, with an amortization. So that’s our belief, that’s our expectation. And so that’s often the manifestation, because that’s the only way that we know how to manifest the thing that we want. You would say that that’s pretty common right? Most of your friends would agree, if you’re gonna buy a house, you go get a mortgage.

If that’s the only way that we know how to accomplish something, that’s typically the pattern that we continue in. So if you want to go on a dream vacation but don’t have the money to do it, we think the only way to go on the dream vacation is to put it on a credit card or line of credit. So that’s how we tend to create.

What we’re working with in this work we do together, that’s available to all of us, is something called vision based living, rather than condition-based living. So vision based living is where we ask the question “What would I love?” with the willingness to put the how on hold. I asked Connie what’s one of the pieces in her vision that she would love to manifest, and that she would be willing to share? She shared that she would “love to be living in the area where the availability to do the things I love to do is here, and I have the time and resources to do them. I’m referring to getting out in the mountains, hiking, spending good time outdoors, with people that are like-minded and enjoy doing the same thing as myself.” She would love to be in a place where that’s available to her, where she’s in the mountains or close to the mountains, where she can get out, having the time to do it all.

Sometimes we think “Well, how am I going to get the time? I’ve got to work longer, harder, faster, in order to make the money in order to do the things that I want to do.” Again, it’s attached to a condition.

So the power of the vision-based living is that we write our vision in the present tense with some clarity. And so Connie, the way we would write it is, “I’m so happy and grateful now that I’m living in the mountains or near the mountains, and every day, or three times a week, or you fill in the blank with some specificity, I’m meeting with friends and we’re hiking, or we’re paddle boarding, or we’re whitewater rafting and I’m feeling….” I asked Connie, if that was her life, how would she be feeling? She answered, “Happy, content, full of life.” So we completed the vision statement: “I’m so happy and grateful that I’m living near the mountains, and I’m doing these things, and I have the time to go and enjoy those activities, and there’s just this feeling of happiness, and I’m full of life.”

We create that vision, and the the next piece that’s really key, is to create the vision in the absence of knowing how.

How do you manifest without accumulating a whole bunch of debt along with that manifestation?

Most people won’t even dream the dream. They won’t give themselves permission to say “I would love to live in the mountains” because they have no idea how it’s going to happen. For anyone who’s reading this, pay attention where you’re holding yourself back from even dreaming the dream, because you don’t know how. We’re not meant to know the how.

Back to Connie’s question – one of the ways this could happen is to borrow some money. I could go into debt. That’s one of the ways that it can happen. And we live in a universe that is infinite in its possibilities and its potential. As you’re considering possibilities, just feel the depth of that statement – if you think about our universe that is ever expanding, that created the Sun and the Moon and the Earth, and the movement and nature, and all of the brilliance. This life force, this universe that we live in, there’s infinite possibilities. Our human mind limits us. We like to put it in a box – the only way for me to buy a house is to get a mortgage and to get into a lot of debt. So we’re opening our minds to the possibility of all the ways that this could happen.

So have a willingness to put the how on hold, and then the key here is to live more and more more from the energy of the vision. Typically we live in the absence of it, “WHEN I live in the mountains, THEN I’ll feel free, THEN I’ll feel fulfilled, THEN I’ll feel happy.” Or, “I have no idea how I’m going to do that, so I’m just not even going to think about it or dream about it.”

The key here is to be inside of that vision and to live. Imagine that vision as much as possible, where you’re speaking in that vision in the present tense. The piece that I would add to it is, for this example, “I’m so happy and grateful that I’m living in this home in the mountains, and my credit balances are at zero, or financially it was easy.” You’re attaching the financial piece with the results. There’s a “yes, and”.  What you’re doing is creating synopsis in your brain to hook up this idea. And what if it could be easy?

The first key is to have the vision, and the second key is through the power of repetition, living and imagining that vision more and more.


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Here’s the next step in that process. Every day we’re saying, “What’s one step I can take today in service of that vision?”

A lot of people respond to that, “Well, I got to go get a mortgage.” or right away want to go get the money. You don’t need the money, it’s not about the money. For Connie, if she imagines living in that home, and it’s all worked out, and the money was there, what’s a step she could be taking now? And as you’re asking yourself that question every day, that step might be to go look at show homes. That step may be book a hike with some friends, go for a walk around the neighborhood. But what am I doing today? What’s my little baby step, what’s my action step in service of that vision?

A lot of us get hung up on wanting the whole plan. People say to me to all the time, “Stacey, but how? How? Show me how I’m going to get there.” and  I’ll say to them, “I don’t know how! I’m not smart enough to know how, but infinite intelligence knows how. Spirit knows exactly how to give you that life. But it won’t tell you the whole road map, it’ll just tell you your step to take today.” As you’re inside that vision, it’s all worked out, it was easy financially, what’s my step to take today? And you follow the bread crumbs. You take your step. And the next day, you’re inside the vision, and you ask the question. “what’s my step to take?” And every day you’re taking these action steps.

I have seen mountains be moved for people when the conditions and circumstances said there is no way this will ever happen. Time has been collapsed. All sorts of things begin to occur as as we’re living from our vision rather than our conditions. Asking “What’s my step to take today?” is the next piece. We have to have the vision, but then also be in action.

Connie added, “I’m dealing with so many distractions, and I’m trying to silence those distractions. All through spring, when people started on me about my house not being sold, and they put that doubt in my head. I’m getting distracted instead of staying focused. I mean I’ve gotten to a point where I just stopped talking to people, going out and seeing people, because I didn’t want to have to talk about it.”

Connie made a great point. People will give us their opinions, their doubts, their perspectives, and if we’re not careful it starts to seep inside of us. You’re going to sell your house? In this economy? With these interest rates? And this month? Everyone’s got an opinion, and often they’re sharing that in love, but through their own paradigms and their own belief systems. And if we’re not secure enough in our vision, and standing in our truth and what we know to be true, even at a subconscious level, the doubts start to creep in.

When people ask, “is the house sold?”  “Not yet, but I know that the right and perfect buyer is on their way! And you can know for me that it sells easily.” Tell people how you want them to hold that for you – so you get to decide how you present it. Give them an image, “imagine there’s a sold sign, and here I am in my new place, and I’m excited about what’s happening.” Be mindful of how you’re in those conversations, and the seeds that you’re planting in their minds. Often we want to respond like, “Yeah, it hasn’t sold, it’s taking so long…” But instead, share the vision. “Yeah, I know for sure that this is going to sell, and it’s going to be easy, and the right and perfect buyers are on their way. Who do you know?” And you start presenting yourself in a different way, and they’ll respond in a different way.

Connie’s response to me was “I was doing that early on, but I think it just wore on me.” Another way to respond is using a suggestion I got once about saying it’s in the process. When they ask you about your house, just say “It’s in the process of selling!” Connie expressed that she doesn’t want to “lie or fib, so if I’m trying to paint a picture that to me feels like I’m not being truthful about something, I go into complete avoidance.”  Connie wants to be in integrity. Avoiding is alright – until it’s starting to impact her. If she’s now avoiding her conversations, because in her own mind she has her own doubts, and now she’s just sitting alone in her doubts, that’s not helpful either.

It’s important to be mindful of the conversations you’re in.  Be mindful of who you’re spending your time with. You can say to people, “thank you so much for caring, and for asking, and I know that it’s all working out. I would love to talk about my new place and what I’m up to! Or what are you up to?” You can divert the conversation, where you’re managing the attention, and inviting them to talk about something else that’s exciting, or what you’re both grateful for. Connie agree that she would come up with some pre-planning, which would help because right away. She can affirm to herself, “I might not understand exactly what it looks like, but it’s absolutely in process.” So you want to align yourself that that is the truth, that I’m not lying. If I feel like I’m lying, then what I’m saying is no, it’s really not in process. I don’t believe it’s going to sell. So now my thinking is on it’s not selling, nothing’s happening. And so you want to pay attention to what do I really believe about this? Well if I believe it’s not selling, it’s not going to sell, I’m going to keep manifesting that result. So get your energy aligned with “It is in process. The right and perfect buyers are on their way. What if right now they’re getting approved for their financing? They’re looking at my house.” So you want to start painting those images in your mind and building your own belief that it absolutely is in process. I can’t see it right now, but the energy is moving on it. I’m confident about that. So that it doesn’t feel like a lie, which is a sign and a signal about what you’re really believing. Connie agreed that she will work on that.

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Another helpful tip is to have images that represent the house selling. If it’s money in the bank, if it’s the sold sign on the front lawn, if it’s imagining the walk through, getting a call from the real estate agent, signing the papers. I told Connie to start with going back to the early days when she was excited about this and to rehearse those images, just like she rehearses the images in her mind of living in the mountains, doing all the activities, the money is there. Really paint that picture and and imprint that vision.

Remember, it only takes one buyer. “What if it were easy?” That’s a really good Mantra.

If you’re reading this and this resonates with you, cheer Connie on in her dreams and the comments! We’ll support her as a community in that dream achieved.

Here’s to you living a life you love,

Stacey Berger

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