A Tip for Managing Unprecedented Times

We are in unprecedented times right now on our planet, globally. Feels like our world may be crumbling around us. There’s great uncertainty, lots of changes, and I don’t think there’s any one of us that isn’t impacted in some way right now.

And this is the time where it’s really important that we put all of these Mastering Your Mindset tools into practice. It’s really easy to do when things are going good, when we’re in that flow, when we’re seeing abundance in our life, and we’re creative, and we’re being social, and we’re doing things that we love. It’s much more difficult when we’re in a time of crises, when we’re in a time of uncertainty, when we don’t know what’s happening.

It’s so important to really dig deep at this time and really put those spiritual muscles into practice, knowing that it’s inside the problems, it’s inside the challenges where the real growth happens.

When we’re students and we’re mastering our skills in mathematics and in the law of mathematics, the way that we grow in our ability to practice those law of mathematics is we get harder and harder problems. And it’s with the ability to answer those more difficult problems, that’s when we grow.

And it’s the same in our life. As we’re facing the challenges, as we’re facing the circumstances, this is the time where evolution occurs. Our own consciousness grows, our own awareness grows, if we’re willing to do the work.

Napoleon Hill, who was commissioned in the early 1900’s to study the most highly successful people on the planet, spent 20 years of his life studying well over 500 of the most successful people in the planet. He codified the systems and the tools that those people had in place that created that type of success in their life. And Napoleon Hill said that “Within every adversity there exists the seed of an equal or even greater benefit.” Within every adversity, including this one right now, amidst the chaos and uncertainty, there is absolutely a seed of equal or greater benefit. All of those highly successful people, they would say that they learned from every challenge. There was always a lesson within it for them.

The key here is, though, just like any seed, we have to be willing to look for that seed, to plant that seed, to nurture that seed so we can get the benefit. I am not making light of what we’re facing right now. I know that there’s been incredible impact and some devastation that’s occurred based on this global crisis right now. But let’s just know that even amongst our current adversity and challenges, collectively there will be good that comes from it.

Dr. Michael Beckwith says “There is good here. I might not be currently aware of what that is, but there is good here, and I’m keeping myself open to that good revealing itself.” So in the coming days, in the coming weeks, in the coming months, my invitation for you is to be open to the good revealing itself. Be open to receiving that seed of equal or greater benefit. And as we’re open to that, as we’re curious and we’re looking for it, that good will begin to reveal itself.

If you’re in a crisis moment, or just that overwhelm or that panic has really taken ahold of you, there’s a video that I’ve recorded to really help you to remember to breathe, to remember to go back to your breath.

Also know that in this time, community is so important. Even though we’re isolating ourselves, we’re practicing social distancing, that doesn’t mean that we’re not connecting with one another. Stay connected to your community, stay connected to your tribe, reach out for help. It’s really important that we’re taking care of our health, our mental health, and our well-being right now as well. So remember, this is the time where it’s most important to practice these tools in Mastering Your Mindset. The tools that you have available to you on this YouTube channel are really key and essential in helping each and every one of us move through this time with greater grace and greater ease.

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