Is this the best you can do? What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

In the company that I worked for, we had an incredible program for promoting people internally, and that is how I went from an administrative assistant to the general manager of that organization. Inside that process, we had a practice that we called audition without risk.

What that meant was we would give employees who said that they wanted to grow to have more responsibility. People that we saw potential in, we would give them projects or initiatives to really help them develop their leadership abilities, to really try new tasks on without the complete risk of failure. Their current jobs weren’t at risk and it was really just this opportunity to audition for a new role without them fully leaving their current role and stepping into something new.

I had hired an employee and I saw so much potential in her. She was young, bright, eager, and she had big dreams for what she wanted in her career. I was so excited to have her in this position because we were a startup, and I knew that the opportunities would be endless. She was in the position, she got trained, she caught on really quickly, and again the potential was there. And yet, every time I would sit down with her, she would say I really want this title, I really want this pay, I really want to be further ahead. And I would say, great! That that plan is available to you! And I would explain our program to her. Over and over and over again, she would basically be saying to me, when I have the title, or when I’m at that salary, that is when I’ll perform at that level.

I was so disappointed when she left that organization, because she did not feel that there was the opportunities there for her, and it just wasn’t true. There were countless opportunities, but she wasn’t able or willing to step into that role before she had the job title or salary. She was waiting for that so that she could step into the role.

Think about this in your own life right now. Where are you holding back, or not performing at your best?Where are you waiting for something to be different so you can then give your all to that project, that initiative, to that relationship?

What are you waiting for right now?

The truth is, the way transformation occurs is we need to more than fill our current position.

Wallace Wattles talks about this in his body of work where he says that we have to bring our best to our current place. And by bringing our best and more than filling our current role, that’s when the universe starts to present other opportunities to us.

When we’re inside our current role and we’re not bringing our full potential, or not showing up as our best selves, we’re not able to attract those new roles and opportunities to us.

If you’re desiring growth, if you’re desiring expansion, really look at “am I bringing my best to everything that I’m currently doing?” To my current relationship, to my current job, to what I know I could be doing with my health, are you more than filling that current container?

How do you go from where you are to where you want to be? Imagine being in that new role, being in that new relationship, how would you be showing up? How would you be going to work? How would you be interacting with your employees or your peers?

Start showing up as that person in your current condition, and as you do that, that’s when the doors will open for you.

I’m really excited about a meditation that I’ve created for you to really help you embody the person you’re becoming. Really connecting to bringing in your full potential, your full power, to your current position. Make sure you download the meditation, listen to it every day for the next week, and notice how that starts to feel and notice how it starts to shift your results.

Here’s to your success,


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