Watch this Breakthrough

Watch this Breakthrough

Have you seen the video where a little bug is on a piece of paper and someone draws a circle around it and the bug can't seem to get out of the circle - it is trapped inside this barrier that is just a flat line drawn on the paper.  Last week I was at my desk and I looked over and there was a tiny bug on the paper and I decided to do my own experiment with the bug.  I drew a circle around it and sure enough it would go to the line, stop and then try and find a new way out, stop, and repeat the process over and over again.  After some time it finally walked over the line.  I furthered my experiment and drew another circle around it and it repeated the same process, even though it had just 'broken free' a second a go, it once again was trapped.  (If you want to see this for yourself and there's no bug near by, watch this video.)

It's so easy to judge that little insect but of course we are all doing it.  We have put this invisible boundary around us that exists only in our own mind and at times we can't seem to break free and more often than not we don't even realize we are trapped in the invisible circle.  We have created a circle that feels pretty comfortable and safe and is big enough to move around in and it's not until we have a reunion or see someone we haven't seen in awhile or something else triggers us and we realize that we've been having the same life experiences over and over again, month after month, year after year.  Maybe you've changed jobs but the new one is very similar to the one you had before, or maybe you are continuing to have the same argument with your partner, maybe you've been earning the same amount of money for sometime, maybe it's the same health conversation at your annual physical?  

Then there are those moments that we realize we are caught in the circle and it starts to feel too small for us and we start to explore greater possibilities, and often, just like the insect, the edge is too scary to step over, maybe it's fear of the unknown or of rejection or failure that is keeping you just on the edge and not quite ready to step over the line? 

Are you ready for a breakthrough?  Are you ready to leave the comfort of the life that you have known and have an even greater life experience?   If it were that easy to breakthrough on our own we would all just go and do it, but that's not what typically happens.  It can be really easy to see other people's 'invisible boundaries' but it is very difficult to see our own when we are the one in the circle.  That is why it is so important to have mentors in our lives to help us see what's on the other side of that boundary, to help us see our subconscious blocks, and keep us motivated and accountable for crossing those boundaries to acheive new levels of success.  We are not meant to do life on our own.  Once you breakthrough, we can be rest assured that there will be another invisible boundary waiting to tempt us to get stuck again - this is the nature of growth. 

Where are you stuck?  Where are you limiting yourself?  What boundaries have you put around yourself that you are ready to let go of?  The first step to make a change is to acknowledge where you are and where you want to be. Next time you are feeling stuck, think of that little bug and ask yourself is this barrier real and is there an easy way through it.  And then, if you haven't already done so, ask for support to achieve your breakthrough. 

To Breaking Through,