What Can You Release Control Of?

I admire my sister-in-law, she is a popular DIY blogger (www.freshcrush.com) and every now and then she does a "keeping it real" post where she reveals to her readers, who are often envious of the picture perfect images of her projects, what her house really looks like day to day and not just when it’s picture ready.  I find this so brave and is an area that I am still working on. 
The last two years have seen me a shed a lot of the armour that I had built around myself over many years.   As a young, female executive I had a belief that I always had to have my stuff together.  That it was a sign of weakness to show your flaws and to admit that you didn’t have an answer.  So, despite my insecurities, I became very good at putting on a pretty brave front and in a lot of ways it worked for me.  I had a lot of success in my career and in other areas of my life, but it was also exhausting and did not lead to many deep connections with the people around me. 
On Friday night, Jeff and I attended the Centre for Spiritual Livings 30thAnniversary Gala – it was an incredible event and the entertainment was the one and only Wayne Lee, master hypnotist.  When asked if I was going to be hypnotized my answer was “no way, I like being in control of myself”.   Well the Universe had other plans for me that night!  As Wayne hypnotized the brave souls that volunteered to be his stage he invited the audience to play along and BANG I was out and under his control!
Obviously there was a part of me ready to release another level of needing to be in control and I have to admit that I had a lot of fun and am so glad to have had the experience for myself and to have brought so much joy to the very amused audience as they enjoyed our silliness and ability to act without the conscious, insecurities that we often have in social settings.
My goal is to shed a little bit more of that armour that I have built up, to let go of some of the areas that I hang on so tightly to and to let lose more often just like Jen is able to do in her blog, and how Wayne offers that experience in his shows.  It is so freeing to be my authentic self and to admit when I am wrong and when I don't have the answer.  I believe that the world is craving a more authentic experience in everything we do.  
What in your life are you controlling?  Where can you let lose and show people a bit more of your authentic self? How will this deepen the relationships in your life? 
To letting go,