What is REALLY holding you back?

Have you been longing for things to be different? 

Is there an area of your life that feels like a struggle? 

Maybe it’s with your health, inside your relationships, or are you feeling stuck or stagnant in your business or your career? Or maybe you could be experiencing a lack of financial or time freedom. 

People often come to me with a struggle or a longing for things to be different. As we work together, we start to uncover what it is that they’re struggling with, and they begin to understand that it’s their thoughts and it’s their beliefs that create their reality. 

When we realize that we’re responsible for our results and successes, it’s a very empowering position to be in.

One great example of this was when I started to work with Karla. Tell me if you can relate to this story!

Karla was working these long, LONG days, 6 or 7 days a week in her business, and she did not see a way off that hamster wheel. 

As a result of working in her business so much, her relationships and her health were suffering (even as a personal trainer). 

What Karla would love is more time freedom to build those relationships or to have for herself, so she’s not ALWAYS working in her business. So I asked her, “What hours would you like to work with?” She responded so firm with me, “People only want to train and work out early mornings, in the evenings, and the weekends. I have to work those hours.” 

Through the work that we were doing, I started to challenge that belief. “Do you believe that it’s possible that there’s people that would want to work out with you and train with you during the day?” and she would say, “NO, absolutely not, this is the way it is in my industry.” 

So for you – you are seeing the world through a certain lens. We all have a perspective about how the world works, how we fit into that world, and what those conditions and circumstances mean. 

It’s so easy to get stuck in our thinking, and we don’t even realize we’re stuck.

Soon after we started to work together, Karla started to entertain this idea. “What if? What if I could work Monday to Friday, and I could work these hours? What would that look like? And what would that feel like?” And she started to put it on, and through the work that we did together, within a very short period of time, Karla no longer works evenings or weekends, and she’s earning more money than she ever has in her business, as she redefined what that meant. 

But it all first started by looking at the thinking, looking at the results, and starting to shift that into a new perspective. 

So what would you love? Where’s your biggest longing, or where is your biggest discontent? 

And start to ask yourself “How could I see this differently?” Really pay attention to your thoughts and start to flip the script on the results in your life. 

To You Living a Life You Love,


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