What is the most important thing to do in the morning?

Choose your mindset.  

With so much to do in a day it is easy to wake up and immediately think of your jam packed calendar or to pick up the problems of yesterday.  It can be easy to jump into overwhelm and 'business' before you even step out of bed.  What if you just took a moment to wake up differently and to first put on your mindset. What if you started your day setting an intention and offering gratitude for waking up this morning, gratitude for your warm blankets, gratitude for the loved ones in your life. What if you woke up and put on your mindset?  How would your day be different?

Wake up with "who am I going TO BE today" versus "what do I have TO DO today". 

Successful people put on their mindset every morning and that sets the momentum for the days unfoldment.  Most of us have been programmed to let our circumstances chose our mindset - the weather, the news on the radio, if we get cut off in traffic - but the truth is you can chose your mindset every day and every moment.  Don't let the weather, other people's moods or any other circumstance around you decide this - you get to decide. 

Try it for one week.  As you begin to wake up in the morning before you open your eyes, begin to notice your first thoughts.  Do you pick up a worry from the day before? Do you run your to do list in your head? Do you curse the alarm and think about how poorly you slept?  It is important to do this without judgement and to celebrate your ability to notice how you are starting your day and make a decision that you will do it differently.  Tomorrow, when you wake up, set an intention that this is going to be a great day.  Say 'thank you' that you woke up this morning, many people didn't.  Now decide who you are going to be today, how you are going to show up in your life, for example - today I am playful, I am productive, I am present, I am focused, etc.  

Choose your mindset in the morning and your day will be better. 

To waking up great,