Where are You Going & Is it somewhere You'd Love to Be?

Do you have the answer to that question?  I mean the real answer to that question?

If you don't know where you are going how can you determine the best route, the resources and the support you need to get there?  Of course this is an easy question to answer if you're headed out the door to the grocery store or maybe on summer vacation.  But what about your life?  Where are you going with your life?  What would you love? What kind of career would you love?  What size of house do you want to live in?  What type of relationships do you desire?  Where are you going?  

Athletes have been using the power of visualization for decades - they see themselves crossing the finish line, standing on the podium, winning the medal.  You can use this same technique to create a successful and meaningful life.  Visualize yourself 3 years from now.  Remove yourself from your current conditions and really step into what you would love.  See it, notice the details, the smells, the people around you, how do you feel?  

This is an extremely powerful exercise and one I encourage you to try on - create that vision and often throughout the day see yourself living that life.  It's the first step in the direction in creating that next level of success. 

Most people spend more time planning a weekend getaway then they do planning their lives.  Dedicate some time this week to determine where you are going in life.