Who is on your support team?

Do you have people in your life that are your partners in believing?

Have you ever noticed that it’s easier to believe in somebody else’s dream, or somebody else’s potential, than it is in your own? There’s people in your life that come to you and tell you an idea, and you’re probably like “You’ve got this! You can totally do that.” 

But when it comes to your own dreams and ideas, you might feel doubtful, question your ability, or wonder if you’re good enough. 

We call these people our partners in believing, or sometimes our mastermind partners. These are people that you intentionally surround yourself with, where you can support them in their dreams and they can support you in yours. 

How do you find your partners in believing? Take a quick honest evaluation of your friend or work community, do you have people that are supporters in your life? Or maybe you have many naysayers, which is really common. Maybe you have more people who want to keep you safe, or maybe you’re surrounded by people who aren’t dream builders and who are happy living in the status quo. 

Intentionally seeking the dreambuilding people out is key. How do we do that? 

  1. In order to attract partners in believing we must be one. When was the last time you reached out to somebody and just said “Hey I’m thinking about you, that project that you’re working on, you’ve got this!” Be that positive influence in other people’s life, and be that supporter. You want to notice when somebody comes to you with an idea, do you automatically shut it down, or tell them why it might not work – versus being that soft place for them to learn to share their dreams? Notice how you’re showing up when other people are sharing their dreams, ideas and goals with you. Being that cheerleader, you’ll start to attract those other cheerleaders in your life. 

  2. Write down the qualities that you want in your partners in believing. Maybe their core values are important. Maybe you want somebody who’s local to you, or maybe you want somebody who’s more long-distance. How available are they? Start imagining that person or that group of people in your life, and write a vision, because as you get clearer about who that is, again, you’ll start to meet different people. Don’t forget to write down a list of people that you do know that might fit that bill, where you think they could support you with your dreams and ideas. Then, make a commitment to reach out to at least one of them and ask them if they would like to be partners in believing. 

How do you structure that partnership when you’re making an agreement? Say you’re forming a mastermind group, or asking somebody to hold you accountable or be a cheerleader for you.  It’s really important to set clear agreements in the beginning. How often are you going to get together? What are you going to talk about? What’s on the table, what’s off the table? This isn’t where we want to get together and share everything that’s going wrong, and it’s usually best if you keep those conversations short and succinct. So maybe you agree to talk on the phone for 10 minutes every Monday morning where you discuss what is going on that week, here’s what you can hold for me, and the other person shares the same. 

By having those agreements and having that structure, it’ll help you to keep that relationship on track, so that you’ve got that support for each other. 

If you’re looking for mastermind partners or partners in believing, consider coming to one of my Business Masterminds that I am hosting this August. We only do these a few times a year and it’s an perfect opportunity to meet with a very small group of like minded people and get advice or ideas infused into your business and be a partner in believing for others. Click here for more information! 

Don’t wait to be that partner in believing for others. It will make you feel really good, it’s going to lift your community up, and it’ll start to serve that energy of creating that powerful structure of support in your life. 

To you loving a life you love,


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