Who's in Your Corner?


We all need support - period.  Unfortunately, many times we believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness, that others may think less of us if we admit we do not have the answers or if they know that we are struggling with something or someone.  The truth is we are not meant to do life alone.  No one ever did great things on their own.  No one.  

So who is in your corner?  Who is your support team? Who are your mentors?  Do you have one?  Are you happy with them or is it time to seek out a new team?  

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Womanition Bizbrigade on Friday to 240 business women on the Power of Mentorship - here are some of the topics we covered on the importance of having mentors in your life:

  • A mentor will believe in you when you do not believe in yourself.  Those times where you feel like your goals are impossible or maybe that you are not worthy of achieving them, your mentor will still believe in you and you can believe in their belief.
  • Mentors keep you focused on the vision.  Many people around you will buy into your limitations or circumstances, they will have all of the reasons that your goals will not work.  Your mentor will keep your focus on your vision and the resources that you do have. 
  •  We can't see our own subconscious blocks.  One of my mentors says 'it's hard to see the frame when you're the one in the picture'.  You may be great at seeing other peoples potential and supporting them but have a hard time seeing your own - that's normal.  Successful people surround themselves with mentors and coaches so they can continue to reach new heights.  
  • Friends and family can make great cheerleaders but do not always make the greatest mentors for two reasons.  1) They want to keep you safe.  They love you and when you are growing and stretching they worry about you getting hurt and 2) As you are growing and changing they often get worried about how that will change them or their relationship with you. People don't like to be changed.  

Having a great mentor is a game-changer.  It can take great courage to ask for help but know that every successful person has mentors, coaches and a support system.  Experience the power of mentorship and your results will accelerate.  

To your success,