Why is Taking Action Every Day a Key to Your Success?

Did you know that a domino can push over another domino one and a half times its size?  Watch the video above for a great visual on the power that that tiny little domino has.  So how does this apply to you achieving your goal?  

"This is the rock upon which many otherwise scientific metaphysical thinkers meet shipwreck - the failure to connect thought with personal action."  Wallace Wattles

Sometimes it can be difficult to link the small steps to achieving your goal but this is exactly what will take your vision from an idea and make it your reality. Making the phone call, sending the email, writing the first chapter of the book, going for the walk around the block, updating your online profile.  Consecutive baby steps everyday build a momentum and just like the domino has an incredible snowball effect, your baby steps brings your dream closer and closer to you.   

I have the honour of being in Lake Tahoe this week with one of my mentors who says it this way "Inspiration without action is merely entertainment.  Act on your inspiration today."

To taking action,