You may not be going back to school, but what are you learning?

I have always loved September and everything it brings - routine, a change of season, an opportunity for new beginnings. Today is a BIG day in our house! We will walk Adele, our youngest, into kindergarten. That's right, all 3 kids will be in school and we will enter a new era in the Berger household, which brings the need for both a fist pump and a few tissues :)

What about you? What are you creating this fall? Learning doesn't stop with formal education but continues on - leaders are always learners first. Watch the video below for an invitation to learn something new this fall and make sure you comment on the video with your commitment.

Wish me luck as we head out to take Adele to her first day :) and watch my FB page for pictures of the big moment!

To New Beginnings,