YOUR MIND IS LYING TO YOU – How to use creative thinking to expand your thoughts in a positive way

Chances are, your mind is telling you lies.

If we’re not awake and aware enough to notice those lies, they rule our mind, they rule our thinking, and impact the results that we’re creating.

Let me give you some examples of this. Have you ever noticed yourself saying these words or thinking these thoughts,

  • “I have no money.”

  • “Nobody likes me.”

  • “Nobody’s going to come.”

  • “Everybody’s cancelling.”

  • “Nobody’s happy.”

  • “I have no experience.”

  • “I’ve never done this before.”

Sound familiar? I think those are common thoughts that we’ve all had.

On the surface, that might not feel like that big of a deal to think those thoughts. But, we know our thoughts are responsible for our feelings, our actions, and they’re responsible for our results.

So your thoughts matter.

As soon as we say or think something like, “I have no money,” our minds go to this idea of us in scarcity, lack, we’ve got no money.

And, that’s probably not true for you right now. If you were to really look at the facts, you would probably say, well no, I have a few dollars in my savings account, I’ve got an investment, I’ve got money coming in from a paycheque or payment. So the truth is, you DO have money.

When you say things like, “I have no experience,” or “I can’t do it because I’ve never done that before,” we want to question those thoughts and ask, is that really true? Chances are, it’s not true. You’ve probably had some experience that lends itself to what you’re trying to do now. You’ve probably had some results in that area.

Your mind likes to exaggerate and go to absolutes. And those absolutes, if we buy into it and if we believe them, it can create self doubt, it can create lack of confidence, and it can prevent us from really moving forward and creating a new experience.

I had a client say to me “Stacey, everybody cancelled this week on me, and I don’t know what I’m going to do.” And I said “Well let’s just first of all pause, and ask ‘is that true?’ Did EVERYONE cancel?”

“Well, no, but I had four cancellations.” Right away, it’s not everyone cancelled, and then she said “Well actually, you know what, they didn’t cancel, they just postponed.”

Notice how the mind wanted to go to EVERYBODY cancelled. And with that thought, the nervous system rises up, and it’s really easy to go into fear and overwhelm.

As soon as we reframe that and say, well no, not everybody cancelled, it was only four people who cancelled, and wait a second they didn’t really cancel, they just postponed, it relaxes our nervous system.

When our nervous system is relaxed, we can access the part of our brain that can go into that creative thinking. When we’re in the creative thinking, now we’ve got this resource available to us.

By the end of that day, she actually had a new client enroll with her, because she had relaxed her nervous system. She was open to other possibilities.

How do we do this?

It goes back to using our awareness or our ability to notice what we’re noticing. We have this thing called metacognition, where we can actually be aware of the thoughts that we’re thinking, and ask is this true or not?

As you start to notice the thoughts that you’re thinking and question them, we can stare down the ones that aren’t true. We can say, that’s not true – here’s the truth.

The real truth is, you are greater than any condition. You are greater than any circumstance. Don’t let that fear run your life. Don’t let those absolutes run your life. Your mind is lying to you – call it into question so you can replace it with the truth of who you are and what you’re capable of.

As you do that, over time you will replace those old thought patterns, and install patterns of thinking that are more expansive, that will lead you into a life that you love.


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