A Feel Good Story

Yesterday I was sitting in my car checking my emails before going into a meeting when there was a knock on my window (which is always a little startling).  I unrolled my window to speak to this girl and she had her phone open to google maps and was trying to get to her first day of classes and was lost.  I did my best to give her directions on how to get there and then in a flash of inspiration asked if I could drive her, it would just take 5 minutes.  She triple checked that I was sure and then hopped in. 

Once she got in and we started chatting I learned that she was from India and here to do her Masters, she had just arrived 2 weeks ago, doesn't know anyone in our city and 2 weeks ago was the first time she's ever seen snow.  She was incredibly grateful for the kindness of a stranger and said so over and over.  We had a wonderful conversation and then off she went to begin this new adventure for the next two years and I left with a smile in my heart admiring her courage and appreciating the connection.  

So why share this story, there was a part of me that said not to, just let it be an unknown act of kindness, there was a part of me that said don't be 'boastful' and then there was the bigger part of me that said that it felt good to do at the time and it feels good to talk about it and I know that how I am feeling is VITAL to the results I'm experiencing so that is exactly the story I should be telling over and over and over again.   Wherever our attention is focused that is where energy flows and that is what we create more of. 

What's the alternative?  Talking about all of the unpleasant things that go on in a day, which feels draining or can get us worked up all over again.   There are times where we need to talk about the things that are bothering us and what's not working but my encouragement is that you spend more time talking about what's going right and the things that feel good because when you feel good you do good and when you do good you produce good results.  

So what is your feel good story today?  Tell it often to anyone that will listen, you might make them feel good too...
To Good Feelings,