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Across Canada, Stacey Berger has helped high performers achieve their goals. Mindset can make the difference whether you are an athlete, C-Suite professional, small business owner or community leader. If you are ready to discover your full potential and take action with more purpose in life, it might be time to book a free strategy session with Stacey. Booking this complimentary one-on-one appointment may be the first step to changing your life.

No matter where you live across Canada we all have the power to change our lives and create a better future. Stacey will help you identify your goals, map out an action plan that’s right for YOU with her FREE Strategy Session – no strings attached!

Mindset Expert, Stacey Berger, will coach you through a proven system of transformation.

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How long have you wanted things to be different?​

You are designed for greatness!

Would you love to discover your passion, access your potential, take action and live with purpose?

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"I see greatness in you...
I'll challenge you to climb to new heights...
Help you achieve goals you once believed to be impossible....

And where others see only obstacles, blocks and limitations...

I can help you connect to your infinite potential,
rise up and achieve YOUR dreams."​

Business Coaching

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Business Growth

Stay accountable with Stacey in your corner. A high-level view from an experienced business coach might be what you need to reach the next level.

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Balanced Life

More energy allows for more focus and, more importantly, better efficiency. Having a balanced life provides for a stronger business.

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Reach Your Goals

Goal setting is easy. The step-by-step process of planning and reaching your goals can be a little trickier. A business coach will help you plan and follow through to achieve your business goals.

QUALIFICATIONS INCLUDE: Two premier coaching certifications, honours Business Marketing Diploma, Business Management Degree, 16 years experience in the corporate world from advertising, to operations and acquisitions and over 7 years as a successful transformational coach and business owner.
Video Testimonals

See firsthand how others have reached their personal and professional goals using Stacey's mindset coaching.

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Why do Stacey's Clients love her as a Life Coach and use her to help change their mindset? Here are more life-changing testimonials.

"My goodness, this is the program for you if you want to make the difference in your life, if you want to fulfill a dream, if you want to make a plan and have it come to fruition, absolutely, absolutely join a program like this."
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Christine Binns
"I just took a leap of faith and it was the best thing that I could have done. The growth that I have had has been monumental, and the accountability that she holds us to, I don't feel that I would be thriving the way that I am if wasn't for her."
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Kortney Oxner-Kerfoot
"Where I am right now, is a long way from where I was. I know about a lot of those principles, but in the past I haven't been able to implement it. With the tools that you get in Lifemastery course and of course this workshop, I feel I have what I need. The biggest one though for sure, is the energy and the dynamic and the love that Stacey creates. It is so powerful." "The investment of the money and the time is just so worth it. And whoever is thinking about doing it, you're worth it. Totally worth it. Do it!"
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Patti Sale
"I needed somebody outside that was positive, and she's the most positive lady I've ever met. It's helped me to release all that negative energy going forward to be more confident in who I am."
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