Stacey’s Vision Workshop provided the motivation I needed to take that scariest step – the first one. The exercises and listening to Stacey speak allowed me to formulate my dream in a very real way. It was truly an “igniting” experience and it was fun too!
— Anita, Edmonton

Having worked with several coaches before I am impressed by how quickly Stacey is able to help me identify the patterns that have been keeping me stuck. She is lovingly yet firmly guiding me to keep my focus on my dream and teaching me tools for permanent change. New ways of thinking and results are already showing up in my life.
— T.Williams – Thousand Oaks, CA

Stacey is wise beyond her years! She has a very gentle and compassionate way of guiding you with respect and enthusiasm. I feel she has found her true calling in helping people thrive!
— Dawn, Beaumont

Stacey is a very compassionate and motivating coach. Her ability to draw out the quality questions and coach me through the learnings was pivotal. Also weaving her own life experiences into the program helped me gain the meaning of the teaching and abled me to recall those situations when I got stuck. Life-changing!
— Deborah, Edmonton

My introduction to the magic happened while listening to Stacey’s presentation on the power of mentorship at a women’s conference.

As she spoke, the lump in my throat grew to the size of a baseball, the tears were a blink away. She was talking directly to my pain, and for the first time, I recognized that I don’t have to do this alone, I can’t do this alone.

At that moment in my life, I was certain that my marriage was over and I was leaving my husband, and I was struggling with the start-up of my new business, while harbouring a lot of resentment toward my former employer.

Fast forward eight weeks and a new life has emerged. My discontent has turned to gratitude, I love my husband more than ever before and my business has successfully launched.

Opening my mind and embracing Stacey’s coaching and her program has cleared my path of all resentment, and judgement. The process has revealed opportunities, and created deeper and richer relationships. I have a new connection to my purpose and every day begins with anticipation and ends with satisfaction.

I am profoundly grateful for all of this, and my new life with no limits.

— Shauna, Edmonton


My journey with Stacey has changed my life forever. During our time together I felt supported, challenged, inspired and she opened my mind in so many different ways with simple questions. I will forever cherish this experience and am grateful to have Stacey in my life.
— Sloane, Penticton

Stacey Berger’s depth of wisdom, life experience, and entrepreneurial business and management skills has nurtured a coaching and mentoring relationship that has manifested success both personally and professionally in my life. Her keen insight into new possibilities, direction and opportunities has elevated my skill levels professionally and opened up new vistas of understanding. With her guidance and intelligent perspective, I have been able to act and think more creatively. Stacey’s coaching sensibilities have enhanced my growth in unprecedented ways as she has shared her innovative and inspiring ideas that have materialized into actionable and progressive steps of improvement in all areas of my life. I highly recommend and personally endorse Stacey. Stacey is a confident, brilliant coach. Her mentorship, partnering for your business and personal life will assist you in creating the life you dream of.
— Laura, Edmonton

Stacey Berger and her programs have been a life changer for me! With her wisdom, insights, guidance, encouragement, and belief in me I have been taking steps to create the life of my dreams! If you want to change your life, I highly recommend that you give Stacey a call.
— Diane, Edmonton

Stacey has exceptional coaching skills. First, she brings her whole self to the conversation: body, mind, heart and Soul. Next, she listens—and understands. Third, she knows how and when to ask those penetrating questions that reveal old comfort-zone paradigms and that are as uncomfortable to answer as they are liberating and transformative. I confidently recommend Stacey to anyone who has a dream that isn’t being realized or life mission that just isn’t being served but you know you have to step into it, now!
— David, Toronto

I became a student of the Dreambuilder course taught by Stacey Berger and was blown away by Stacey’s commitment, guidance and incredible insights. She was very generous in her listening and demonstrated exceptional skills, especially when I was faced with challenges. I highly recommend her and this excellent course!
— Lynette, Toronto