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Speaker at hundreds of local, national and international events.


Respectful of the details and organization required to execute a successful event.


A wealth of experience to draw on and to allow for customization to an audience.


Builds rapport with conference organizers, volunteers and attendees.

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Every Event Needs a Mindset Coach

Participants are going to walk away inspired and motivated with;

Practical tools to transform their results Including;

Why Book Stacey Berger as a speaker at your conference?

Speaking event adding value

Adding Value

Stacey's keynotes and breakout sessions are consistently rated the highlight of an event.

Speaking event relevant


Mindset is relevant to every industry and every person in an organization at all levels.

Speaking event experienced stacey Berger


Stacey has been a keynote speaker and transformational coach for over 7 years, this is in addition to over a decade in top management roles.

Speaking event trust


Having been a part of many events, as well as hosting her own, Stacey understands the importance of nurturing a community and event attendees.

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If you are considering bringing Stacey Berger to your organization as a speaker you must JUMP on that opportunity. Stacey is a highly talented professional speaker. Stacey has spoken multiple times at our professional trainings in front of hundreds of people and she always delivers! Stacey will uplift, inspire, and move your audience. We highly recommend Stacey as a keynote speaker and workshop leader.


In my many years of being an entrepreneur I have been fortunate enough to meet some extraordinary women. Stacey Berger is one such woman. Her youthful demeanor shouldn’t fool you as she presents herself with professionalism and class. Her exceptional speaking skills hit home and has a profound effect on everyone who listens. I have witnessed this. She has graced my stage many times and always leaves the audience wanting more. Attending one of her full day workshop’s was an eye opener as I saw leaders and executives connecting with her fresh ideas on corporate marketing, operations, investment acquisitions and my personal favorite, her “what if” concept. She truly changes your perception. When Stacey says “yes” to speaking to my groups I know everyone will take away exceptional value. Thank you Stacey Berger for giving willingly to others.


Stacey is an engaging speaker and her energy
and passion for her topic fills the room. From her life experience to her continued seeking of knowledge she would be a great addition to any program. She is a real Dream Builder.


Conference Organizer
Canadian New Thought Conference

Our Patron Development Team have had two sessions with Stacey Berger facilitating, sessions, first on personal visioning and second on a vision for our business that we conduct here at the Winspear. The team has come together in a deeper more confident way than we would have ever imagined. We are a group of devoted individuals who work in a very limited resource industry, always stretching to find better ways to serve the public we are responsible to. After Visioning with Stacey we have a new approach, a Vision driven work place is a happier, fulfilling and more successful environment. The staff have felt the shift from stress to calm expectation of achievement. The tools we have now to ask better questions, to interact with each other in a more cooperative way has taken our results as a department to a whole new level. We know that we are not done yet we are always in process, growing and expanding and it is great to know that we have a coach at the ready to assist us when we slip back into our old patterns of doing and especially being. We are grateful and would be happy to speak to anyone who would be interested in talking to any of us about the specifics of how this has changed a workplace that is definitely a more happy and productive place than it was six months ago.


A Sampling of Events Supported

Stacey has been honoured to work with events such as

Popular Speaking Topics

Power of Vision

Do you find yourself lost in the day to day demands? Are you finding that productivity and engagement is decreasing in your organization? Would you love to refocus and recommit to your vision and have your team highly engaged in the vision. In this powerful session you will rediscover the importance of a crystal clear vision and what must change in your organization to achieve your vision.

Full Spectrum Success

Has your professional success come at the expense of your relationships and/or health? Would you love greater time freedom while the power that lives in you to achieve your goals and dreams. There is a pattern, a system, a way of doing things that creates the results you want. Once you consciously understand what this pattern is, you can apply it to any area of your life that you want to continue to grow your business.

Why Do We Self Sabotage

There is a governor within you that is creating your level of results and when we are going for a dream that governor causes us to lose steam and often self sabotage. Learn more about this internal governor and how to re-pattern it so that you can reach new levels of success in all areas of your life.

Power of Mindset - Beyond Positive Thinking

Did you know that your mindset controls your results? In this session we will dive deep into the power of mindset (beyond just positive thinking) and how to develop a mindset that creates results in your life and in your organization.

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