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4 Self Love Habits That Are Life Changing

I want to talk today about living a lifestyle of self-care, where it’s not something we do for ourselves once in a while, but where self-care is just what we do and it’s how we live every day.

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The fear of rejection is real – learn to ask for what you want out of life!

We are hard wired in our brains. If you can imagine, hundreds of thousands of years ago, we relied so much on community. Being accepted by our community meant survival – if we were rejected by our community, that was almost a guaranteed death. We are wired for acceptance.

And because of that, our feeling of being rejected is so wired within us, that sometimes it can be really difficult to be vulnerable, to ask for what we want, and to really be that authentic self.

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Journal Prompts That Create Results

Journalling is a powerful way to get our thoughts out on paper, and journalling is also a powerful manifestation tool when done properly.

How can you journal in a way that helps you achieve you goals faster?

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