PURPOSE means HIGHER INCOME. Are YOU Looking for Purpose?

Unlock your passion

Are you feeling lost?

Do you feel like you’re lacking direction in your life?

When you think about your daily activities, do they feel engaging? Do they feel important?

The question here is really do you feel like you have a passion and a purpose?

Research has proven that people who have a purpose in their lives are healthier, it’s a great indicator of well-being. They’re more vibrant, they have less heart attacks, when they do have health challenges, they rebound much faster. People with a purpose have higher income and net worth, and they’re found to be more attractive to other people.

Having a purpose in your life is extremely important to your vitality and your overall quality of life.

Sometimes when we think about what’s my life purpose, that can feel like a really heavy question and a daunting question, and it doesn’t have to be. There are simple and easy ways for you to really understand what your purpose is, what you’re passionate about, and I have a special invitation for you to help you to really discover your passion and live on purpose.

Viktor Frankl, who was a neurologist, a psychiatrist, a philosopher and author, as well as a concentration camp survivor. He wrote the bestselling book, “Man’s Search for Meaning.” And Dr. Frankl, inside the concentration camp experience, realized that people who had meaning to their life that was greater than themselves, tended to live much longer.

He knew that it didn’t matter how dire the circumstances were, that we still have a choice about the meaning we give to life.

He also recognized that life meaning changes, based on things like our stage of life. Our meaning, our purpose, our goals – they expand, they change, they grow. I don’t believe that we’re just destined with one purpose in our life, but typically we have guiding principles that help us give meaning to life. When we’re driven by that purpose, when we’re driven by that life meaning, it really increases our quality of life.

Discovering and revealing what that life purpose is, can feel overwhelming or daunting. That’s exactly why I created a five day challenge to help you discover your passion and live on purpose. I am so excited to spend these five days with you, really helping you go through a series of simple exercises and tasks to help reveal to you your life meaning, your purpose, what you’re passionate about, so that you can have greater vitality, be more attractive in relationships, and to have greater abundance.

If you would love to discover your passion and live on purpose, you’ll want to join us next week for the five day challenge. And it’s going to take place Monday to Friday on Facebook where we’ll be spending time together every day, and there will be simple but highly effective tasks and tools and exercises. I’ll be guiding you through that process, where at the end of it, you really start to have this clear purpose where you might start out unclear, not feeling like you really have that meaning, to at the end of the five days having a clear purpose to what it is that you want to create in your life.

It’s going to be fun, and we’re going to accomplish a lot in these five days. And here’s the best news, it’s free to join. If you’re ready to discover your passion, live on purpose, sign up today and let’s get you started!

See you on Monday for Day One of the challenge!

Here’s to you living a life you love,


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