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Have you ever had a defining moment? One that opened doors for you, changed your perspective or impacted the trajectory of your life forever?

That moment for me was in September of 2008. After trying to start a family unsuccessfully for almost 3 years, a series of serendipitous events lead my husband and me to take a class where on the first night I was introduced to transformational principles that helped me shift my thinking and perspective and resulted in us getting pregnant within a few short weeks; after almost 3 years of trying! That got my attention, and 3 kids and almost 20 years later I have dedicated my life to understanding transformation, how it works, how to apply it, and how to share it with the world.

In addition to the love of my family and sharing transformational principles, I also love business. I grew up to entrepreneurial parents, and watching how hard they worked, I swore I would never own my own business! Yet, I found myself in business school and after 16 years of climbing the corporate ladder, much of the time working with independent business owners to buy and grow their businesses, I took a big, scary step to leave the security of a 9 to 5 and start my coaching business.

I have owned and operated EverExpanding Coaching since 2014. I have learned from the best on the planet and am grateful to stand on many incredible shoulders. I have one of the best teams around me, and I have the privilege of working with the most amazing clients from around the world to achieve extraordinary results in their life.

My family and I have created a lifestyle that we love. Perfect? No, but we are always endeavouring for growth. Is it always easy? Of course not, but worth it?  Absolutely!  I have peace of mind and freedom in my life now, knowing that I really can have it all and that my dreams are possible. And just like for me so are yours.

Always Learning

  • Two premier coaching certifications.
  • Honours Business Marketing Diploma.
  • Business Management Degree.
  • Countless personal development classes.
  • 16 whirlwind years of experience in the corporate world from advertising, to operations and acquisitions.
  • over 7 years as a successful transformational coach and business owner.
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Balanced Life

My amazing husband Jeff, of 16 years, is my CSO (Chief Support Officer). Our 3 kids continue to be my teachers every day.

I am so grateful for the freedom and flexibility that we have created as a family to allow us time and space to create memories everyday. Perfect? No, but we endeavour to create a life we love everyday.
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What Success Looks Like

  • Spoken on hundreds of stages, locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Featured on Global News, 630 CHED, and in the Edmonton Journal, I’ve co-authored a book on mentorship.
  • Award-winning coach for the impact I’ve made in the world.
  • I have dedicated my life to people recognizing their potential and realizing their dreams. I have an incredible team that supports me and my clients.

Mindset Expert, Stacey Berger, will coach you through a proven system of transformation. 

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Stacey Berger Life Coaching award 50
Stacey Berger Life Coaching award 150
Stacey Berger Life Coaching award 3000
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