About Stacey

Transforming Your Dreams Into Reality...

Life & Business Coach, Stacey Berger, combines a powerful business background, years of experience in top corporate operations, marketing, and multi-million dollar investment acquisitions, with a deeper, spiritually holistic understanding of life that’s way beyond her years.

For almost two decades now, it has been this unique and winning combination that has helped Stacey steer each and every one of her countless clients to align themselves from the inside out, clarify their soul purpose and create the life of their dreams!

Her testimonials speak for themselves. “The depth of wisdom, and life experience that Stacey Berger brought to our coaching relationship, together with her extensive business and management skills, served as the catalyst for newfound success in my life, both professionally and personally.”

University educated with a degree in Business Management as well as Marketing, Stacey eventually decided to broaden her horizons, studying with numerous prominent names in the mentoring profession. Ultimately, she left her longtime position as a top corporate executive to pursue her passion for helping individuals and business owners realize their dreams and live their best life.

Now a thriving business mentor herself, she offers inspiring, transformational workshops to audiences internationally, in addition to personalized, in-depth coaching programs designed to empower clients to achieve the fundamental spiritual alignment that compels them to greater heights of success.