How to Stay Committed to Your Vision (4 Steps)

Last post talked about the importance of having a vision and how you write a vision in the most powerful and effective way. Today I want to answer the question that came in from one of you that said “How do you keep your vision top of mind?”

Have you ever set a goal before, and you got really really excited about it, but within a few weeks maybe you forgot about the goal? Or maybe you said I’m busy, I’ll do it later. What usually happens is there’s this excitement in the beginning and then we get busy, we get distracted, we get on with our lives. The desire and the interest in that goal or that vision starts to fade, and when the interest in that vision starts to fade, what happens is it loses its intensity, interest, focus, and typically it ends up dying. And we never go back and revisit that goal.

This is why most new year’s resolutions fail. There’s this excitement in the beginning, there’s an energy, yes I’m gonna do it! But with time it fades away.

So the question came in, how do I keep my vision more top of mind? How do I keep my passion and engagement with it? Today I want to give you a few tools to help you keep that vision top of mind to keep that passion, keep that engagement with the vision so that’s not something that just lives in your journal, but you are having the living breathing result of it. Where it concretizes into your real life. Because we don’t just want the idea of a life we love, we want the living breathing version of it!

We don't just want the IDEA of a life we love, we want the living breathing version of it!

Create a Vision Board

One popular and effective way to keep your vision more alive is through creating a vision board, and it’s pretty common this time of year where people get together they cut out pictures from magazines, from different articles, and put together a picture of the life they would love to create.

Vision boards are highly effective because people are very visual. We connect emotionally to pictures. So when you see a picture of somebody walking on a beach, it creates more emotional connection, and the more emotionally engaged we are with our vision, the more power it has.

Having a vision board where you have pictures of what it would look like to be living that dream life, and putting that vision board somewhere where you’re connecting with it on an ongoing basis, will help you to keep that image and that vision more alive.

Of course you can also do this by placing pictures on your fridge, having a special screen saver on your computer or phone, there’s vision board apps you can use.

The whole idea is to create a relationship with your vision, where you’re connecting with it consistently. So think about right now. How could you incorporate a vision board or pictures around you where you’re seeing them on a regular basis?

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Connect to Your Vision Daily

The second way to create connection with your vision, to keep it more alive is to really create a practice or a ritual of reading that vision every day. Take five minutes when you first wake up in the morning, and journal about that life that you would love, or read your vision, but make it part of your daily routine. Think about a time in your day where you can make it a practice or a ritual where you’re connecting with that vision, whether it’s with your morning coffee or before you go to bed. When you do that consistently, at the same time every day, it becomes a habit, just like brushing your teeth. As you do that more frequently, you’re connecting to the vision and keeping it top of mind.

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Surround Yourself with Accountability and Support

The third way to stay connected to your vision is by having partners in believing, or accountability partners. Who in your life can you share your vision with? It’s a great practice to pick somebody in your life who is also interested in growing themselves this year, they might have a big idea or a big dream that they want to accomplish. Set up a day and a time where you’re going to connect with each other once a week. So maybe it’s Sunday nights at seven o’clock, you’re gonna get on the phone with this person, where you share your visions with each other so that you can hold that picture for one another. By having that partner in believing or that accountability partner, you’re consistently connecting with somebody else on that.

Another benefit of having that accountability partner is that sometimes when you don’t believe in that vision and whether it’s actually going to happen, our partner in believing can believe in that for us. We can lean on somebody else’s belief on our vision for us.

The more related we are with our vision, the more connected we are with it, the greater the chances of turning it from an idea into a reality. If you are casual with your vision, the universe will be casual with you about it. When you’re committed, you’re dedicated, you’re engaged with your vision, the universe reads that as your intention, and it’ll help you to make that manifest.

So the fourth and I believe one of the most powerful ways to keep that vision alive is to have a coach. Have somebody that’s really holding you accountable to that vision, so that when you get distracted, when life gets busy, you have somebody else reminding you of your vision, reminding you why it was important, and to help you take the right steps consistently, and to help you manifest that vision.

Do you have that proper structure of support around you to help keep that vision top of mind? Because if you’re like most people, life will get busy and that will start to fade to the background.

So if this is your year and you’re really ready to decide for that vision,

  1. Create some images and post those around you, so you can see and connect with your vision often
  2. Make it a ritual to read that vision and connect with that vision every day.
  3. Find a partner in believing
  4. Get some coaching and mentorship to help you stay connected to that vision so it doesn’t fade away.

By using last week’s video/post about how to write the vision, and these four tools to help really keep that vision alive, these tools have supported many many people to help find the loves of their life, to go on those trips, to build their dream homes, to really step into a life they love.

If this is your year and you’re ready make sure that you commit to implementing these steps, I would love to hear from you.

What is your commitment in working with your vision? Comment below, let me know what you’re committing to do to keep that vision top of mind.

Here is to you living a life you love,

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