3 Habits to Remove Money Blocks + Upgrade Your Money Mindset

We all have habits of how we interact with money and our finances, and it is producing a result in your life. Chances are you’ve had the same experience with money over the last number of years, if not your entire life, and even if you look back at the experience that your parents had with money, it’s probably a very similar story.

So how do we break those habits to create and generate more wealth and more abundance in our life?

Today I’m going to be offering you three simple tools that you can apply immediately to start seeing new patterns of greater abundance in your life.

You have an emotional response when you're paying bills, and when you're buying things, and that creates or sends out an energetic wave or pattern into the universe, and that comes back to us. If it's done out of a lack or scarcity energy, it produces more lack and scarcity.

The first tool is to use the word “I’m choosing to” or “I’m choosing not to”.

Often times when we are looking at buying new things or participating in a new activity, we have habits and beliefs and tend to say things like I can’t afford that, or that’s too expensive. It’s not always necessarily even true, but it’s a habitual response.

Picture yourself in a store, looking at clothes, and the first thing you do when you see something you like is look at the price tag.

You have habits of how you’re showing up when you’re making those decisions.

Often our first response is to automatically go to I can’t afford it, or that’s too expensive, or that’s cheap. Our second response is to choose to do something or not to based on the price tag.

What about asking, would I love this? Do I love the material? Do I like the color, the style; would I love to have this? Or what about would I love to eat at that restaurant? Would I love to travel first class? Would I love to drive that car?

Give yourself permission to even be in the wanting of or the desiring of things instead of saying “I can’t because…”  Instead, honour the fact that you would love that, and then, I’m choosing to invest my money in other places right now.

What we’re saying to our minds is if I really wanted this I could do it. I could find a way to make it happen. But right now in this moment, I’m choosing to invest, or I’m choosing to spend my money in other places. I’m choosing to put my money towards my mortgage right now. I’m choosing to buy this outfit rather than that outfit. And what it does is it puts that power back in to your hands rather than in the question “Money May I?”

So tool number one is, I’m choosing to invest my money in other places, or I’m choosing not to do this right now, but I would love it.

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Tool number two when it comes to training your brain for greater abundance is start to pay attention what’s going on in your mind as you’re buying things and as you’re paying your bills.

Think about putting gas in your car, are you saying “ugh, this is so expensive!” Or when you go to your mailbox or your inbox, and there are bills waiting for you. Notice right away, is there a contraction? Is there a fear energy?

You have an emotional response when you’re paying bills, and when you’re buying things, and that creates or sends out an energetic wave or pattern into the universe, and that comes back to us. If it’s done out of a lack or scarcity energy, it produces more lack and scarcity.

Really start to pay attention to how you’re feeling when you’re paying your bills, and notice any contraction within you. The mental move that we’re going to make here is one of gratitude.

If you’re paying your power bill, instead of “ugh my power bill is so much money” and “I hate paying for this”, and you’ve got an inner dialogue about paying for that, instead, go to gratitude.

This might look like, I’m so grateful for the power company that’s providing the service that allows me to have lights on in my home, that allows me to have to have hot water when we start the day. To have gratitude for a service like when you’re buying your groceries. Think about the person that’s working there who is earning a paycheck so they can then feed their families.

There’s this law of circulation that is your spending money. As you’re out in the world spending money, it’s circulating in other people’s lives. Just notice as you start to shift your energy when you’re putting gas in your car, when you’re buying groceries, when you’re out shopping with the kids, and you start to see this as circulation rather than Im spending so much money, I wish it weren’t so expensive. It’ll start to make you feel more abundant. You’ll start to feel better, and it’ll shift your relationship with money.

Every time you hit that credit card or the debit card or you’re handing over the cash, just have a silent thank you. Thank you for the money, thank you for the abundance that’s allowing me to use this service, that’s allowing me to buy this product, and see that in circulation that not only are you giving, but it’s also coming back to you in so many ways.

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And tool number three to train your brain for greater abundance is start noticing all of the abundance in your life right now.

It is so easy to get fixated on what we don’t have, on what we want that’s not in our lives yet, and it’s so easy to train ourselves to notice all of the places we’re lacking, or we’re not having, and the truth is you have so much abundance in your life. Everything from the dishes in your kitchen to the books on your bookshelf, the technology that’s allowing us to have this conversation right now, maybe a vehicle sitting in your garage. It’s looking at the people in your life, the cash that’s in your wallet right now.

It’s so easy to think about what we don’t have which sets us into this motion of lack energy, scarcity energy. And we attract back to us what we’re thinking about.

So instead, look around you today and start noticing what you do have. Start blessing the good in your life today. And as you start noticing the abundance, you’re shifting your brain, you’re training your brain to look for abundance. And when we’re looking for abundance, we’re noticing abundance, more abundance comes to us.


These three tools are so powerful and so impactful, but they take time to implement. You have probably multi-generational patterns when it comes to money, and so this isn’t something we do once and and we’re now set up for abundance.

It’s really noticing what you’re noticing every day. And asking, what is my relationship with money? And is it serving me? Is it one of abundance or is it one of scarcity? And every time you flip that inner dialogue and you start telling new stories, as you’re choosing different words, you’ll begin to feel differently about money. New opportunities will present themselves and you will change that narrative and change your results.

If you would like more support on really developing that abundant mindset, I highly encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of my incredible team members to help really discover what’s your money story. What’s holding you back from having that abundance in your life? Let us help you really shift that narrative so you can produce more abundant results.

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