Set Your Environments Up for Manifestation

Is your home set up for optimal manifestation? Today we’re talking about your external space and how you can maximize your spaces for manifestation.

Think about the spaces or the environments that you spend most of your time in, maybe it’s your office, your home (and all the rooms inside your home), or your vehicle. As you’re thinking about these external spaces, ask yourself, are they a reflection of what it is that I want to create in my life?

Is your external environment set up for optimal manifestation?

Are my environments a reflection of what I want to create in my life?

Think about your physical spaces. The rooms in your house, your office, your car – is there a lot of clutter? Do you have many, many junk drawers, or do you just have one junk drawer? When you think about your closet, is it overflowing with laundry, clothes that you don’t like anymore or that don’t fit you? Is there a room that you walk into and you just kind of shudder about it because it feels so overwhelming? When you think about your car, is there a lot of garbage and receipts in your car, or is it clean and organized?

One of the places that we start is by clearing the clutter. Bringing order and organization into our external space helps us bring order and organization into our internal space. When you walk into a room and it’s organized, you feel more at peace, more relaxed, more calm, which sets you up internally to really create more calmness, allowing you to come from a calm place as you manifest your goals.

Think about a room, closet, or a drawer in your home, or maybe choose your car or office, that you can start with. Just start small. Make a commitment right now about what clutter you’re going to clear, and decide by when.

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The second thing as we’re looking at our external spaces, is to ask yourself, do I have a soothing environment? How can you bring more relaxation into a space? This might be with lighting, with artwork, music playing, or aromatherapy, incense, diffusing essential oils, or burning candles. How could you create a more warm, inviting, relaxing environment by really connecting to those senses?  What could you do to really up that sensory experience in your space and as you move through your days?

As you think about what it is that you’re manifesting or what you’re calling in this year, is your space conducive of that?

For example, if you’ve got some health goals for yourself, do you have a cookie jar sitting on the counter? Do you have cut up fruits and vegetables? How can you make it easier to live into your health goals through your physical environment? Maybe having your running shoes ready to go by your bed, or having that yoga mat laid out. If you’re calling in the love of your life, is there room for them to park in the garage or to hang their clothes in your closet? How can you invite or welcome what’s important to you with your physical space? If you’re looking to manifest more money, do you have the right bank accounts? Is there order in your finances to welcome that flow of money?

What can you do to prepare that external space for what you want to manifest?


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Before you get overwhelmed by all of this, focus on choosing one thing. Choose one room, one drawer, adding or including one sensory piece, just one thing to get started in preparing that physical environment. The important thing here is to get started.

Number one, we clear the clutter.

Number two, we create more sensory, relaxing environments.

And number three, how can I prepare my physical environment for the thing that I’m working on manifesting?

As you do that, notice, is my physical environment set up for me to manifest my dreams? If this serves you, feel free to share this message or video for those people in your life who you know it would also benefit.

Here is to you living a life you love,


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