What Are Money Blocks?

Are you holding yourself back from bringing in more money?

Here are three things that are stopping you from bringing in the cash.

What are money blocks? Money blocks are beliefs about money, ourselves, or the environment and conditions that are ultimately blocking or preventing us from attracting more money into our life. Money blocks are invisible – they just exist within us, so they’re sometimes very hard to know where are we blocking ourselves from bringing in money?

If we’re not aware, it can feel like it’s something external. It’s because of our job, it’s because of our education, it’s because of our partner, it’s because of something else, when the true block from money is actually in your thinking and in your beliefs.

Here are three common money blocks that you may have that have been blocking that cash from flowing to you in greater quantities.

Where are we blocking ourselves from bringing in money?

The first one is a scarcity mindset.

This is where you might feel like there’s more month than money, or there’s only so much to go around. This is where we feel like there’s simply not enough, and this comes from this idea that we live in a universe that is limited. It’s like there’s only so much pie to go around and you have to get your piece, and when the pie is gone it’s gone.

The scarcity mindset is very common, but it prevents us from growing our money beyond where it is today.

Indicators that you may have a scarcity mindset are when you find yourself saying there’s never enough, or maybe even there’s just enough to get by. It’s this feeling like if you attract more, you’re taking it from somebody else. It can be a very competitive type mindset, but it’s generally this thinking of there’s not enough to go around.

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The second common money block is a lack of confidence in your ability to attract more.

This is where we somehow feel fundamentally flawed.

Maybe if you work in the not-for-profit industry, you were told you’re never going to be rich, or you’re not in it for the money.

There’s a belief that something about you is flawed, or something about the work that you’re doing in the world will never create wealth.

Notice your beliefs around your ability to create wealth. You may think other people can do that but not me. Or, they can be wealthy because they have this degree or they’re in this industry, but that’s not available to me.

And so somewhere you’ve adopted this money block or this mindset that you don’t have the ability to to attract more abundance in your life.

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The third money block is a lack of action.

Maybe you’re the person who says, you know, I wish I had more money, I wish I could pay off my debts, I wish I could pay off my house, and you’re simply wishing for it, but you’re not following up with action. You’re not putting that extra five dollars on your mortgage every month or you’re not being honest with yourself about how much money is coming in and where you’re spending it. You’re simply wishing for things to be different without doing any of the internal work or the physical work required in order to shift your results. So notice, how long have you been complaining about your money situation? How long have you been worrying about money? And if you’re honest with yourself, have you truly taken any action for things to be different?

To start adopting a more positive and abundant mindset around money, download the abundance tracker to support you in shifting your mindset about money, so you can remove those money blocks and create greater flow in your life.

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