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It is possible to work less, make more and have the freedom to do what matters in life. Is growing your business important to you, make it to the top in your field, or just more time to spend with family? No matter what your goal is, mindset and balance play an essential role in reaching your full potential.

If you are ready to make a change and haven’t found the perfect life coach for your needs in Edmonton, it may be worth taking advantage of Stacey’s FREE STRATEGY SESSION. Finding a coach who can help you reach your goals isn’t easy. Booking this complimentary one-on-one appointment may be the first step to changing your life.

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What if you could have the FREEDOM TO DO WHAT REALLY MATTERS in life? What if you could have more time for your family and friends? What if you could retire sooner? What if you could work from home?

Possibilities are endless when you have the proper structure in place. People who have experienced growth know that there is a path to success. Are you ready to make a change? Are you prepared for life coaching in Edmonton? If you are, the first step is to take full advantage of Stacey’s FREE STRATEGY SESSION. She offers this as an opportunity for you to find out what may be possible in you.

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Stacey has helped transform lives across the country, and as one of Canada’s top life coaches, she can help you reach your goals while making it feel easy. Stacey has worked with top CEOs, businesses owners and community leaders in Edmonton and has spoken at industry-leading events.  As a result of her coaching, Stacey’s clients have seen incredible results.

No matter your goals, mindset Expert Stacey Berger will coach you through a proven system of transformation.

  • Create a successful home business
  • Increase income
  • Grow your businesses
  • Relationship growth
  • Making it through a life-changing event
  • Get promoted at work

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Are you looking for an Edmonton Life Coach? Stacey Berger, will coach you through a proven system of transformation.


Mindset Expert, Stacey Berger, will coach you through a proven system of transformation.

Complimentary strategy session

You are designed for greatness!

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Would you love to discover your passion, access your potential, take action and live with purpose?


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Stacey and her team will match the best product for you to reach your goals.

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Create next level results with ease.

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"I see greatness in you...
I'll challenge you to climb to new heights...
Help you achieve goals you once believed to be impossible....

And where others see only obstacles, blocks and limitations...

I can help you connect to your infinite potential,
rise up and achieve YOUR dreams."​
Stacey Berger Business Coach

Business Coaching Edmonton

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Business Growth

Stay accountable with Stacey in your corner. A high-level view from an experienced business coach might be what you need to reach the next level.

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Balanced Life

More energy allows for more focus and, more importantly, better efficiency. Having a balanced life provides for a stronger business.

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Reach Your Goals

Goal setting is easy. The step-by-step process of planning and reaching your goals can be a little trickier. A business coach will help you plan and follow through to achieve your business goals.

QUALIFICATIONS INCLUDE: Two premier coaching certifications, honours Business Marketing Diploma, Business Management Degree, 16 years experience in the corporate world from advertising, to operations and acquisitions and over 7 years as a successful transformational coach and business owner.

Maeve Lankford


“When I first met Stacey, I set an ambitious financial target and was not making the progress I would have liked. I was working 7 days a week, late into the evenings, and was running out of steam. A few short weeks after Stacey’s help I had already surpassed my targets, hit 6 figures for the first time and am now on track for even bigger goals! I’ve learned new strategies for organizing myself and my work, and how to better manage my mindset to stay out of overwhelm. I am now working less and spending more time with my family, taking evenings and weekends off. I can’t recommend working with Stacey highly enough, it has surpassed all my expectations and I’ve had a wonderful experience in the process.”

Jesse Szymanski

Award-Winning Producer, Business Owner

“There’s so much power in this work, and I know this because I’ve continued to see what I have set out forth to accomplish come to fruition over and over again. Business has definitely increased, but really importantly for me and my health, my anxiety has significantly decreased. In a time where there was a pandemic, and there were so many people spiralling, I really felt like I had new tools and skill sets to be able to not only cope, but actually thrive. I was able to catapult from that moment even further – now I’m reaching people not only across Canada but across North America through our company.”

Lisa Newman

Teacher Assistant

“I was in a dark place in my life. I began to work with Stacey, who taught me how to create a vision, how to reach goals, and she showed me that I can live a different life. Since then, I quit the job I didn’t love, I met and married the love of my life, and I’m now living in a new city. I can’t stress enough how life-changing this has been for me, and I want everyone to know about it!”​

Meghan Klien

Executive Director
“When I first came to Stacey, I was single, overweight, and depressed. In six months of focusing my attention on living a life that I love, I lost the weight and felt vibrant in my body again, met someone who I have since married, started a new job, and my depression symptoms are now a thing of the past. The results and changes I experienced in my life are nothing short of astonishing, and I continue to dream about what is next for me using the tools from Stacey’s programs!”
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See firsthand how others have reached their personal and professional goals using Stacey's mindset coaching.

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